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The second step of burning cars was incomplete

According to Fars News Agency, Ali Mahmoudian, Executive Director of the National Union of Alternative Fuels, Cinnamon and Related Services, said at the conference on Alternative Fuels, Cinnamon and Related Services: resulted in.

Mahmoudian stated that since 1398, after the approval of the Economic Council’s resolutions on the free conversion of 1,260,000 public vehicles into dual-fuel, the situation of the industrial industry has changed. It left favorable direct and indirect effects.

* The second step in the development of CNG in the thirteenth government has been interrupted

He said that with the practical start of the project by contractors in early 1399, all factories producing tanks and cyanide kits began to operate and conversion workshops were activated throughout the country, adding: “This industry creates employment for more than 50,000 people in more than 2,500 The location and factory for the production of CNG tanks and kits, as well as more than a thousand gas-powered vehicle service centers (conversion workshops) throughout the country. became.

According to him, the project has cost about $ 90 million so far and has left more than $ 140 million in direct savings due to the replacement of cyanide fuel with gasoline, and due to the expansion of this industry throughout Iran, has led to a boom in production in the country. .

Mahmoudian continued: “On the other hand, the full implementation of the project, considering its main target community, which was public vans and taxis, could have replaced more than 12 million liters of gasoline with cinnamon daily, which is equivalent to the production of gasoline in 5 refineries in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Lavan and Kermanshah.

He added: “In addition to all the above direct benefits, despite this plan, the government has at times reduced the quota for public vehicles in the executive working group of paragraph 8, all of which are supported by this plan, and according to initial estimates, its indirect savings far exceed It is a direct project, the exact statistics of which can be obtained from the Ministry of Oil.

The director of the National Union of Alternative Fuels emphasized: “Despite these advantages, the project has faced many problems in the last 9 months and has practically stopped, which has caused a lot of losses to the country.”

* 60% backlog of dual car burning program

He pointed out that if the project had been implemented as it started, it should have turned into about 500,000 cars by now, adding that this could save about 6 million liters of gasoline per day and prevent the import of gasoline in the current situation. The current sanctions are serious, but unfortunately the conversion of cars to gas burners is about 200,000 cars left.

Mahmoudian added: “In fact, the lack of implementation of the project in recent months, in addition to causing losses to contractors who are fully prepared to carry out the conversion process by producing and preparing for 300,000 pipes, tanks and gas parts kits, upsets the balance of the fuel basket and Gasoline imports to the country will be self-sufficient after a few years.

According to the official, instead of using this unique national opportunity to save gasoline and export it, and as a result currency to the country in the face of harsh sanctions, the opportunity is wasted and in the future due to the consumption of gasoline, which is close to gasoline production. We will soon replace the export opportunity with the import of gasoline.

The official said: “With a simple book account, it can be seen that in case of daily import of 6 million liters of gasoline to the country in the near future, the government should allocate about $ 2 billion annually in the current currency situation to import gasoline to provide It will be very difficult.

* Ambiguity of 1000 billion Tomans in the cost of CNG safety

Ali Mahmoudian stated; According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, 392 Rials have been collected for each cubic meter of Chinese gas fired by the owners of gas-fired vehicles since June 2017, which is a total of 1000 billion Tomans to date. And allowances for owners of gas-burning vehicles to receive health certificates and allowances for replacing worn-out tanks. These 1000 billion tomans belong to the owners of gas-burning cars. Why is this mechanism not implemented by the Ministry of Oil and Silence?

In another part of his speech, he criticized the non-implementation of the Economic Council resolution on the construction of 700 industrial stations and internal capacity to implement this plan, which could have used the savings from the car conversion plan, and the government’s attention to this resolution, which could cause It was demanded to facilitate the access of this huge national capital.

Mahmoudian warned of the worrying state of barriers created in the past nine months, which will transform the country from a gasoline exporter to a gasoline importer; He called for the prudent entry of the esteemed president in order to support job creation and achieve the goals of the resistance economy considered by the Supreme Leader, as well as to prevent the import of gasoline and boost domestic production in the year of production of knowledge-based and employment-generating.

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