The selected team of the thirteenth week with the brilliance of Sepahan and Zobahan in the conquest of Isfahan

Mizan News Agency – Week 13 Football Premier League It was followed by holding 8 matches, which were accompanied by the victory of Mes, Sepahan, Gol Gohar, Persepolis and Zobahan teams against their opponents. 3 The other match ended in a draw.

At the end of this week’s competition, Persepolis reached the top of Esteghlal with 28 points thanks to a 2-0 home victory over Traktor.

Esteghlal also gained 29 points despite a one-on-one draw with Arak Aluminum and kept the top of the table. Sepahan also remained in third place with a 2-0 victory against Padideh with 25 points.

in this week World Christmas The striker of Zobahan fighter was named the best player with 2 goals that he scored in Fajrspasi goal.

In this week’s selected team, Sepahan has the most representatives due to Pergol’s home victory against Padideh with 4 players. Isfahan Steel and Rafsanjan Copper also have 2 representatives in the selected team this week. On this account, Isfahani teams with 6 players have a major share in the selected team this week, so that this team can somehow conquer the players of Diar Zayandehrud.

This week’s selected team based on expert opinion and player performance based on the basic 4-4-2 system is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Davood Noshi Sufiani (Rafsanjan Copper)

Central defenders: Goals Ghasemi (Zobahan) and Georgi Valsiani (Sepahan)

Side defenders: Daniel Ismailifar (Sepahan) and Omid Nourafkan (Sepahan)

Midfielders: Seyed Mehdi Hosseini (Rafsanjan Copper), Ali Asghar Ashouri (Sirjan Golgohar), Milad Sarlak (Persepolis) and Farshad Ahmadzadeh (Sepahan)

Attackers: Milad Jahani (Zobahan) and Peyman Babaei (Tractor)

* The results of this week’s matches are as follows:

Rafsanjan Copper 3 – Abadan Oil Industry Zero

flowers: Mehdi Hosseini (30), فراز امامعلی (54) و محمدرضا سلیمانی (87) for copper

Phenomenon of Mashhad zero – Sepahan 2

Flowers: Farshad Ahmadzadeh (67) و Shahriar Moghanloo (89)

Masjed Soleiman Safar Oil – Gol Gohar Sirjan 2

Flowers: Reza Shekari (65) و Ali Asghar Ashuri (81)

Zero Supporter – Mazandaran Textile Zero

Arak Aluminum One – Independence One

Flowers: Kevin Yamga (18 – penalty) for Esteghlal / Meysam Majidi (2 + 90) for aluminum

Zobahan 2 – Fajr Sepasi Safar

Flowers: World Christmas (38 and 65)

Persepolis 2 – Tractor One

Flowers: Ice Alkithir (10) و Siamak Nemati (55) for Persepolis / Peyman Babaei (24) For tractors

Steel One – Arrow One

Flowers: Luciano Pereira (45) for steel / Peyman Ranjbari (87) for the arrow

* Premier League table at the end of the thirteenth week:

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