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The selected works were introduced to the theater festival of Tehran province

According to Fars news agency, according to the selection committee, 5 plays made it to the self-sacrifice section, 8 plays to the competition section, and 5 plays to the special section of the Martyr Sardar Haj Qasim Soleimani Theater Festival of Tehran Province.

The names of the 5 shows that made it to the sacrifice section of this festival are as follows:

1- “Majlis like reading the victim” by Ali Begdali from Pardis city

2- “Seven nights and seven days” written by Arash Rezaei and directed by Forozan Hosseini from Shemiranat city

3- “Coordinator” written and created by Kianoosh Ahmadi from Shahryar city

4- “The untold stories of eight years of womanhood” written by Mazdak Salehi and directed by Samia Abadeh from Rabat Karim city.

5- “Pomegranate Night” written by Alireza Saidi Kiasri and directed by Akbar Garhami from Rabat Karim city

The sacrifice part of the theater festival of Tehran province is held with the support of the Shahid Foundation and the affairs of the martyrs of Tehran province in the form of the second cultural and artistic season of sacrifice. Among the 28 works submitted to the competition section of the 27th Tehran Province Theater Festival, 8 plays made it to the festival.

1- “Voice in far away life” directed by Marzieh Zakari from Mallard city

2- “Pehlan Qalich” directed by Reza Mohammadian from Peshwa city

3- “Deer Opera” directed by Alireza Tajik from Qarchak city

4- “I want to see Meusov” directed by Mohammad Javad Habibi from Ray city

5- “Ghaela” directed by Sima Timuri from Shahryar city

6- “The Last Silence” directed by Behzad Salehi from Quds city

7- “Burnt Angels” directed by Tahereh Garhami from Islamshahr city

8- “Silent Bullets” directed by Ahmad Raushi from Pakdasht city

In the special section of Sardar Martyr Haj Qasim Soleimani of the 27th Tehran Province Theater Festival, 5 works made it to the festival out of 8 productions.

1- “Nazar Abbas” show directed by Mohammad Yazdi from Mallard city

2- The show “Flying with Burnt Wings” directed by Mohammad Sotoudeh from Pakdasht city

3- The show “One and Twenty Minutes in the Morning” directed by Amir Badli from Qarchak city

4- “This and that” show directed by Mohammad Ahmadi from Pakdasht city

5- “Aqeeq” show written by Shahram Soltani and directed by Sidamir Hosseini from Quds city

This section is also held in a competitive manner with the support of the art field of Tehran province and the Martyr and Veteran Affairs Foundation of Tehran province.

The 27th Tehran Province Theater Festival is organized by the General Department of Culture and Guidance of Tehran Province under the direction of Amir Hossein Shafiei from December 1 to 6 in Tehran Theater Campus.

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