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According to Tejarat News, it has been seven years since Telegram was filtered in Iran, but not long ago, following the instability of the foreign exchange market in Iran and the sudden jump in prices, the Minister of Economy considered “Telegram channels” to be the cause of this price increase! If we ignore the ridiculousness of the argument that the Minister of Economy considers the entire economy of Iran to be affected by a few Telegram channels, it seems that attributing economic crises to factors that are not under the control of the government or that the government is not aware of is one of the best ways to escape responsibility. Is. We can see an example in the president’s recent speech about the state of the housing market and the role of platforms in this pricing. Such scenarios were previously applied to the car market.

The promise of building 4 million houses is a propaganda slogan

Saeed Agashte, an expert in the field of housing, believes that the government is looking for an escape route by not fulfilling its inherent duties in the field of housing, and has found this escape route in accusing the platforms.

In an interview with TejaratNews, this housing expert challenged the slogan of building one million housing units per year by the President’s government and said: We know that the country needs one million housing units every year. This issue is mentioned in the upstream plans of the housing system, and based on this promise, Mr. Raisi’s government set a slogan that one million housing units will be built every year. It seems that this slogan is correct and inappropriate. Because regulating the market based on supply and demand is a completely technical and economic task, but whether the government’s operation process in this area is in accordance with this slogan or not is worthy of investigation, and as an expert in this area, I definitely declare that the government in this area based on This slogan has not worked and the promise of building one million housing units per year is just an advertising slogan.

Agashte further stated: The government’s slogan of building one million residential units per year raises the issue of whether the government is able to build one million units based on its technical capacity and executive abilities and structures related to this field. Is it possible to build residential buildings in the year or not?

Also, is it basically the government’s responsibility to build housing on such a scale? Or not, and the government has the responsibility of making policies in this area and should assume the role of controller?

How effective are platforms in determining housing prices?

Saeed Agashte pointed to the president’s recent statements about the role of platforms in the state of the housing market and stated: As the president recently stated, some influencing factors on the housing price may return to pricing or the price show. This pricing may take place on online platforms or trading firms. But before we accuse this group in the disorder of the housing market, we must check and see what the real price of housing in Iran is, so that we can say whether such platforms are fixing prices or not.

He added: We are facing three prices in the field of housing. The finished price, the supply price and the third price are what are announced by the platforms, according to Mr. Raisi.

The effect of inflation on property price growth

This housing market expert added: Failure to implement the government’s commitments in the housing field, creating expectations for the market and not responding to these expectations, along with over 45% inflation in the country, has a significant impact on housing prices. The price of housing in Iran is affected by various factors such as manpower, construction materials and land prices. We see price increases in all three areas. Price control is the duty of the government.

He emphasized: One of the duties of the economic system is price control and inflation regulation based on the per capita income of the country. Since there is no consistency in this field, the price control is out of the hands of the price makers. In such a situation, maybe the prices are also effective in shaping the situation.

The role of the government in increasing housing prices

Ageshte stated: It is completely wrong to want to blame a macro-economic issue on one or two platforms. Because first we have to answer the question whether the government has fulfilled its duty in the field of housing policy? Is there enough support for the construction? Has the builders been financially supported by banks? Is the price of housing essentials controlled? When the government has not done any of its duties, it is natural that the prices get out of hand and increase as far as the market has traction!

This housing market expert emphasized: All these are affected by the wrong policies of the housing trustees and the country’s urban planning system. It is not possible for this government or any other government to control the market until the formulation of appropriate laws for policymaking in the field of housing and urban development takes place. Therefore, projecting and finding the culprit for this path is a way forward so that the government shirks from its obligations!

He said: The government should enter the housing market based on its capacity and technical capabilities. Also, the presence of the government in the housing market should not lead to the disruption of the market. That is, the government should enter the field of social housing construction, but not enter the property market. Rather, in that area, he should establish policies to support builders. Our government has not done any of these and is trying to escape from this situation by accusing the platforms!

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