The stock market is a function of the reality of our economy!/ Which reality has the government admitted? – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, while the capital market had started the new year in an upward direction and based on the cycle of boom and bust, it was expected that the general meeting season would bring green days for the shareholders, but suddenly in the middle of May, it faced a severe bump. which diverted it again to the depths of the recession valley; In such a way that the total index of the stock market fell by more than 95 thousand steps in just one day (May 17, 1402) and real people withdrew more than four thousand billion tomans from the market.

Although at that time it was said that the market was in a period of correction, but later it became clear that the government had planned to pass a law at the same time as the correction period of the total index was approaching, which was, in the true sense of the word, reaching into the pockets of petrochemical industries and their shareholders. Later, it also became clear that some rentier codes used this information to heavily sell their shares in the market and set off a domino of sales and fall.

This process continued until last week, until the efforts of the capital market and petrochemical industry activists finally paid off and the government withdrew from its decision. During this period of more than 3.5 months, the stock market lost a large part of its value, and most of the industries and stock market groups went bankrupt, which meant the loss of the value of the shareholders’ capital.

The government’s withdrawal from suppressing the stock market?

Now that the government has backed away from its unprofessional and wrong decision, which it insisted on a lot, and because of this clear mistake that was warned about many times, it has severely suppressed the stock market and a new wave of capital flight has started. has shaped the market, the spokesperson of the government has appeared on TV and talks about the importance of the stock market for the government!

Ali Bahadri Jahrami, the spokesperson of the government, explained in a TV program about the stock market: The stock market is a function of the reality of our economy; The main focus of the government is to make profits for large listed companies so that the stock market is also effective; In fact, it supports and directs liquidity. The second point is that the government’s view of the stock market is not that of a piggy bank that repeats past experiences, so the government even created stabilization funds in the stock market, injected resources and announced 10 policies to improve the stock market situation.

Meanwhile, Bahadri Jahormi claims that the government has taken action to protect the stock market, that in recent months, the capital market has neither received support, nor has it been able to attract new money thanks to the vague economic policies of the government. During the recent months, the value of micro transactions reached the level of three thousand billion tomans and the volume of micro transactions was below 10 billion shares, which is a clear sign of the critical situation of the capital market.

Relieving the burden of the car supply file in the commodity exchange

The spokesperson of the government also responded to the question of whether you accept the view that the sale of cars on the stock exchange was wrong, and said: First, the increase in car prices happened due to the increase in the exchange rate, and the second point is that only three percent of car production is sold on the stock market. But in any case, since the legislator had given the decision on the pricing and supply of cars to the Competition Council, the government complied and did not interfere in this matter.

Even these last few sentences are a hidden confession of the mistake of leaving the car from the commodity exchange; An action that the government supported behind the scenes during the last year. In other words, at the same time, Bahadri Jahormi has blamed the legislator’s decision that the government’s hand was sticking out of the Competition Council’s sleeve, and in this way, he removed the car from the commodity exchange, which was the place of transparent and controlled car transactions. But now it seems that the government has realized its mistake, which its spokesperson implicitly admits!

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