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The strange interest of the blue star of London to Holle Holle!

According to Fars news agency, Kai Havertz, Chelsea’s German striker, said that because he had a problem with a diet consisting of healthy ingredients, he uses carbonated drinks and chocolate on the advice of a nutritionist.

Havertz, 23, says: “We had a cook in London who cooked for us, but I told him that I don’t feel good about food at all and it has a completely different effect on me.” He told me the reason is that I am a sugar addict and drink soda after every game. I need sugary stuff because it gives me energy and strength, but he said I should give it up.

After that, we had a nutritionist at Chelsea. He took a completely opposite policy and said, “Kai, you need Fanta and soda.” Drink one every day. In between, I ate pastilles and Smarties. I also repeated the use of these foods and my body was full of energy.

However, after a poor run of results recently, the Blues will need an energetic and goal-scoring Howitzer to lift them off the bottom of the Premier League table. Chelsea will face Liverpool tonight (Tuesday).

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