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The strategy of the insurance industry should be to move towards intelligent and people-oriented insurance

Minister of Economy at the introduction ceremony of the new head of Central Insurance:

According to the report of financial news, quoted by Shada, Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, Minister of Economy, during the introduction ceremony of the director general of Central Insurance, although it is expected that Central Insurance, as a policy maker of this industry and a regulatory body, in cases where the insurance industry has problems, play his role of reformer, he said: In Iran’s economy, we are looking to be able to increase the benefit of economic actors from a service called insurance.

He added: This goal is pursued to create greater immunity for economic activity and people, of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve this goal, and this is the connecting point between the entire insurance industry to increase its share in Iran’s economy.

Stating that the lack of awareness or lack of financial ability has caused a group of people or economic activists to be deprived of insurance services, the Minister of Economy stated: A group of common people are not covered due to not having enough knowledge of how important insurance is for their future. They are not, and a group also has the knowledge, but does not have the financial ability, and this shows that the insurance industry has not been able to introduce itself well at the community level or increase the affordability of its products and packages.

Khandozi emphasized: We must increase the coverage or socialization of the insurance industry so that we do not face any problem for which insurance has a product or a solution, but economic activists or ordinary people do not know about it or cannot afford it. Be denied insurance service.

He added: the field of competition of different sectors of the insurance industry should be formed at this point so that the secondary field and the false result of all our efforts do not play a game with a zero sum.

Emphasizing that the insurance industry should try to move from playing and competing with zero sum to competing with positive sum, the Minister of Economy said: under the shadow of this thinking and the implementation of this policy, all companies and insurance companies with efforts And better efficiency and more productivity can have a chance to take a larger share of the market.

Khandozi stated that Central Insurance should try to become more specialized in the insurance industry and provide new and specialized products every moment. It will increase the penetration rate of insurance.

In another part of his speech, he mentioned the issue of intelligentization of the insurance industry and said: Central Insurance, mainly due to the need for supervisory elites, should go for intelligentization so that it can perform its preventive supervisory function as soon as possible. Companies and insurance companies should prioritize intelligence in order to serve faster and provide better products, and the sum of all these will probably strengthen the information system of the insurance industry.

Khandozi added: Due to the specialization of its activities, the insurance industry has the opportunity to make up for its backwardness from markets such as the capital market, money market, and banking network by making mechanisms and services more intelligent, and to work with this body of experts. to name the insurance industry as a leading industry in digitization and smartness in the coming years.

The Minister of Economy further stated that the insurance industry needs a collective look and movement in making the information more intelligent and transparent in order to be reliable and stable and said: the collective will of the insurance industry members in making the information more intelligent and then clarifying the information will bring benefits. The secret of a certain minority who benefit from the lack of transparency will gradually disappear and the reward and punishment system of the central insurance regulatory system will push them towards legalization and transparency.

He went on to say: In general, the thinking and strategy of the country’s insurance industry should move towards smart insurance with a high level of inclusiveness and social inclusiveness, and this can be used as a beacon, basis and collective consensus among insurance industry managers.

The Minister of Economy also asked the managers of the insurance industry to take advantage of the upcoming threats in the insurance industry and to carry out a series of institutional reforms.

Referring to the appointment of Master Hashemi as the head of Central Insurance, Khandozi said: I hope that the path that Behzad Pour and his colleagues have started with Master Hashemi’s thinking will move forward faster and that good institutions will be built in the performance record of the insurance industry.

In the end, he pointed to the issue of amending the insurance law and stated that this is an important issue, and although the insurance industry has dynamically tried to approach the standards over the years, a new legal and legal rail line is needed to continue working. come in this government and present it to the parliament.

In the continuation of this ceremony, the Minister of Economy thanked and thanked Majid Behzadpour, the former general manager of Central Insurance, and wished success to Ali Ustadhashmi, the general manager of Central Insurance.

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