The success of wrestlers in the absence of contenders / big arenas has not yet arrived! Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, the case of the Asian Wrestling Championship was closed last night in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, when Pejman Dorostkar’s students won 6 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals. Under the guidance of Mohammad Bana, the national wrestlers also won 4 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals and became runners-up.

The composition of both teams was closed due to the approvals of the selection cycle of the national teams, and some of the most titled and experienced figures of Iranian wrestling were not present in this Asian match. This issue caused the presence of young people in some weights so that they could be in the blind of national competitions and prepare themselves for the important events ahead.

But one of the remarkable points of this period of the Asian Championship, which according to the head coaches of our national freestyle and western wrestling teams was an international tournament, was the invasion of Iranian wrestlers in a field that was really empty of Asian greats and champions. Although in the few weights of this period of the competition we saw the presence of title figures and one-star wrestlers of the ancient continent, but in most weights there was no news about the six competitors.

This caused most of our national freestyle wrestlers to reach the semi-finals and finals with only one victory, against anonymous and incompetent Asian rivals, and finally a silver or gold medal. Even in a strange and historical event, one of the Iranian wrestlers was ranked with a loss and then won the bronze medal without winning!

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Of course, there were exceptions, and in some weights we saw the presence of well-known competitors against our country’s wrestlers, and the number of these fights was very small and insignificant to prove that the results of the mentioned competitions should not be too big and victorious. .

According to many experts and wrestlers, Iran’s true status in fields such as the Olympics and world competitions will be determined, and the exaggerated praise of the results of the Asian Championship is by no means logical and constructive. The Asian wrestling team has been in a recession for many years, and except for the Iranian national team, it only looks to the single stars of other countries to raise the flag of the ancient continent in the world and Olympic arenas.

The success of wrestlers in the absence of contenders / big arenas has not yet arrived!

Undoubtedly, winning the championship and runner-up titles of Iranian freestyle and freestyle wrestling in Mongolia in a field empty of six and famous competitors should not be considered as a glorious victory and was overshadowed by the congratulatory messages of our country’s political and sports officials.

Experience has shown that it is still too early to celebrate and spread congratulatory messages for the victory of the Iranian wrestling, because we are facing the 2022 World Championships in Serbia and the Asian Games in China, and it is better to manage and store our energy for these fields.

Fortunately, the Iranian wrestling authorities are aware of this fact and recently announced that priority is given to world competitions and all available power and potential should not be spent on pride in Asian arenas.

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