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“Passengers of the City” reached the comic episode / Inflammation of making the Ramadan series – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Cyrus Hassanpour, the director of 3 episodes of the Ramadan series “Travelers of the City” in an interview with Mehr reporter about this series and its final episodes, said: The issues and issues raised in the episodes of the series “Travelers of the City” were social issues and we have tried Express them, do what we can, and create a space for the audience that aspect Be constructive and spiritual.

He added: “All groups have tried to do a good job due to the lack of time and the existing problems.” شأنی In the form of episodes of the series “City Travelers” to the people and I think they have been successful, because to date we have received good and positive feedback from the people.

The director of “Passengers of the City” said that the lack of enough time to pre-produce episodes of this series is one of the problems of working on it and said: “Lack of working time affects its quality a lot because as a director, I have to work harder.” I am a producer and I can not supervise the editing and other things as I should.

Hassanpour emphasized: We only had one day off to produce the first, second and third episodes of the series “City Travelers”, and this meant that at the time of compiling one episode, I was busy producing the next episode.

He continued: The third episode of the series “City Travelers”, which will be broadcast in the last week of the holy month of Ramadan, is a deep and meaningful satire; I think this episode will continue to be interesting other episodes of the series.

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In the end, the director said about the characteristics of Ramadan series: The work experience for Ramadan is inflammatory due to lack of time, but it also has its own pleasures.

The episodes of the Ramadan series “Passengers of the City” are broadcast every day from 7 pm on the 5th channel of Sima.

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