The Taliban leader’s first secret meeting with a foreign official

According to the correspondent of Fars News Agency’s Afghanistan website, Reuters announced in a report that Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Thani, the Prime Minister of Qatar, met with Taliban leader Hebatullah Akhundzada during his trip to Kandahar.

This is the first meeting of the Taliban leader with a foreign official after the group came to power in Afghanistan.

According to this report, the Prime Minister of Qatar and the leader of the Taliban discussed the end of the ban on women’s education and work and Afghanistan’s exit from international isolation.

Reuters Quoting sources familiar with the meeting, he wrote: This month, the Prime Minister of Qatar held secret talks with the supreme leader of the Taliban to resolve existing tensions with the international community, which shows the new willingness of the Afghan rulers to discuss ways to end isolation. It is them.

This English media has also written that the content of the Taliban leader’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Qatar has been shared with the officials of the Biden government and the Taliban leadership has also welcomed the talks and interaction with the countries of the world.

Previously, the United Nations Security Council in a resolution called for the “quick cancellation” of restrictions on Afghan women and announced that the Taliban must cancel restrictions on women in order to communicate with the world.

However, the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry responded to this resolution by saying: “We are committed to providing all the rights of Afghan women, and at the same time we emphasize that diversity should be respected, not politicized.”

Some time ago, the Taliban banned girls from studying in universities, and after that, this group also banned women from working in national and international non-governmental institutions. This decision of the Taliban caused a number of humanitarian organizations to stop their activities in Afghanistan.

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