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The thanks of the provincial associations of performing arts is a sign of the realization of cultural justice

According to the Fars news agency’s theater reporter, cultural justice has always been one of the most important slogans and goals of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, a slogan that in recent years has activated the art education project called “Art for All” throughout the country.

On the other hand, with the activation of the provincial section of the Fajr Theater Festival, this art also entered the decentralization phase in order to achieve cultural justice in this section as well. On October 11, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced at the closing ceremony of the 21st Ritual and Traditional Festival in Golestan province that One of our definitive policies is the expansion of culture and art in all the provinces of the country, in the way of achieving justice, we approved and announced a cultural budget so that all three groups of theater, music and visual arts will be granted an independent budget, which will be allocated in the next month or two. which will be tens of times the current budget in the provinces.

Also, the transfer of most theater festivals to different provinces has transferred the enthusiasm of theater to the provinces.

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili said that we will accelerate all art associations to witness a great transformation in the field of culture and art with the help of artists.

Now and after all these news, the performing arts associations of the provinces have thanked the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in a letter for fulfilling this promise, the text of this letter states: Your statement was short, but for countless reasons, it is deep in the life of the culture and art of the provinces, especially the society. A pleasant theater for joy and happiness.

Budgetary justice has been and is the great demand of provincial theaters in the past four decades. A wish that we think is a right that has always been ignored, although the theater artists of the provinces have always opened dead ends and opened a way to hope in the green stages of theater.

Your brief reference to the allocation and increase of funds for associations has breathed double enthusiasm into the life of culture and art; Because for almost four years, the theater of the provinces has experienced a difficult and difficult path due to the lack of the least support. You can be sure that this attention to the provinces will have a brilliant result for the culture and art of Iran.

The presidents of the performing arts associations of the provinces of the country consider it necessary to express their gratitude for your highness’s attention to the associations and the activities of the theater artists of the provinces and hope that with your strong emphasis, this promise will soon come true so that after passing through massive debts, productions will be revived Forgive the country’s theater.

Every time the theater of the provinces gets a new life, the theater of Iran has gone through a brilliant time in creation and innovation.

Certainly, the realization of cultural justice and the growth of theater in the provinces will help the growing growth of this art.

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