The time of registration of singles in the National Housing Movement was determined

According to Tejarat News, When will it be possible to register singles in the National Housing Movement?

The registration of the National Housing Movement, which was extended until January 6, will be done for eligible singles after January 6, and this group of applicants should go to the address Apply for registration.

Accordingly, single people can register in the National Housing Movement plan after the final notification of the instructions, provided that a notarized letter of commitment is prepared to submit the contract at the time of handing over the housing unit. According to the proposed text for notification, if they do not fulfill the obligation of marriage at the time of transfer, the transfer contract of the unit will be terminated.

Possibility of registering applicants in 12 cities

It should be noted that in Tehran province, it is possible to register applicants in 12 cities, including Islamshahr, Pakdasht, Pishva, Robat Karim, Varamin, Bumhan, Damavand, Roodehen, Firoozkooh, Hashtgerd new city, Parand new city and Ivaneki new city.

According to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, residents of Tehran are only allowed to register in Pakdasht, Robat Karim, Parand, Hashtgerd and Ivaneki, and if they register incorrectly in other cities in the province, they must cancel in the remaining time and choose the right city again. .

Applicants in other cities of Tehran province (except Tehran) can only apply for registration in the city of residence.

Registration of the National Housing Movement one month after the announcement of the Production Leap Law by the President from October 19 in the system Began. The National Housing Movement is one of the major policies of the 13th government in the field of housing, according to which the construction of 4 million housing units in 4 years is planned by the government.

Applicants with four conditions of marriage and head of household, at least five years of residence in the requested city, no private property and finally not using government facilities since the beginning of the housing revolution, can apply for registration.

According to the law, self-employed women, provided they are at least 35 years old, physically and physically disabled and 20 years old, can participate in the Housing Production Leap Law (National Housing Movement).

Also, the law does not set an age limit for heads of households, as these people are defined as heads of households, and it is a criterion for the legislator to be married or to be a head of household. At the same time, male and female heads of households who live single due to divorce and are the guardians of their children are considered households and can register without age criteria.

According to a new resolution of the Supreme Housing Council, single men over the age of 45 and special patients can register with the National Housing Movement with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Reduce the residence history to one year

According to the Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction, for immigrants from metropolitan areas, the residence history has been reduced to one year. In other words, if someone lives in a metropolis and is applying for housing in another city, with about a year of residence in the same city, it is possible to register in the National Housing Movement plan.

Also, for government employees, military forces, and clerics, a five-year residency record is not required in the National Housing Movement plan, based on an administrative order or at the discretion of seminaries. These people can benefit from this advantage in other cities of the country except Tehran.

So far, according to the Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction, more than two million and 387 thousand people have registered in the system of the National Housing Movement.

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