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The White House has condemned Russia’s new media law

The White House on Saturday evening condemned the new media law in Russia, which introduced a 15-year prison sentence for publishing “false news” and called for continued action in various areas to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms. .

“We condemn the decision by the Russian Federation Council to pass a law punishing journalists with 15 years in prison,” White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn said in a statement.

Following the imprisonment of Russia for publishing false information, the leading Western media, especially the American media, ceased their activities in Russia.

Russia’s second state television announced on Saturday that ABC and US CBS had stopped broadcasting their programs from Russia and their reporters in the country.

RIA Novosti also reported the cessation of CNN in Russia.

Russian media also reported that the BBC had suspended its activities in Russia due to a new penal code for publishing false news about Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia’s media watchdog (Ruscom Nadzor) on Friday banned RFE / RL and Russia from broadcasting programs in Russia over calls for anti-government protests over the war in Ukraine.

Russia’s parliament on Friday passed a law criminalizing the publication of false information about the actions of the armed forces of Ukraine in the military operation in Ukraine, and provides for various punishments of up to 15 years in prison.

According to IRNA, under the law, Russian and international journalists who do not cover official news will be considered as transmitters of “fake news.”

The law applies not only to communications experts, but also to all citizens present in Russia, and the person accused of violating it can be fined up to 5 million rubles ($ 48,000) or up to 15 years in prison.

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Russia’s new law prohibits the publication of any news that would damage the reputation of the Russian military.

According to IRNA, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (February 21st) criticized the West for not paying attention to Moscow’s security concerns, saying that his country recognizes the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and signs cooperation and friendship agreements with its leaders in the Kremlin. The Republicans signed.

In a speech on Russian national television on the morning of Thursday (February 24th), Putin announced military action in Donbas and called on Ukrainian forces to lay down their weapons and go home.

As the war in Ukraine continues, the flood of global reactions to the event continues, with diplomatic pressure and international threats and sanctions against Russia increasing.

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