The winners of the first 5 weights and the finalists of the second 5 weights were determined – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr correspondent, the national adult freestyle wrestling championship and the first stage of the national team selection continued on Thursday evening with the final matches of the first five weights and the finalists of the second five weights being determined in Imam Khomeini Hall in Gorgan.

In the weight of 57 kg, Reza Momeni (Mazandaran) won the first place and Ahmad Mohammadnejad Javan (Khorasan Razavi A) won the second place, also Ali Khoramdel (Tehran A) and Shahdad Khosravi (Alborz A) shared the third place. Were.

In this weight, considering that Reza Atari (Mazandaran) did not reach the weight category and lost the final match, the technical staff of the national freestyle wrestling teams decided that the winner of the losers to Reza Atari, who will hold the ranking match, will meet Reza. Another believer should hold the finalists of this weight so that the selection cycle of the national team is performed in this weight.

According to this, the match was held between Reza Momeni and Ahmad Mohammadnejad Javan. Momeni crossed the barrier of Mohammadnejad Javan and as the best person of this weight, the quota for participating in the Asian Championship which will be held in late April and early May next year in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. earned.

In the weight of 65 kg, Rahman Amouzad Khalili (Mazandaran) stood on the first platform and Morteza Ghiyasi Cheka (Lorestan) won the second place, also Abolfazl Hajipour (Mazandaran) and Rahman Rahimpour (Fars) jointly won the third place. کردن.

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In the 74 kg weight category, Younes Emami (Tehran) won first place and Mohammad Sadegh Firoozpour (Mazandaran) came in second, while Hamed Rashidi (Kermanshah) and Mohammad Reza Sergo (Alborz) shared third place.

In the 86 kg weight category, Mohsen Mostafavi (East Azerbaijan) took first place and Mojtaba Asghari (Gilan) took second place, while Ali Mansouri (Golestan) and Ezatullah Akbari (Mazandaran) jointly took third place.

In the weight of 97 kg, Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian (Mazandaran) won the first place and Ismail Nejatian (Khorasan Razavi) stood on the second platform, also Hossein Ramezanian (Qeshm) and Meysam Abdi (Tehran) jointly stood on the third platform.

The matches of the second five weights of this competition started today (Thursday) and the finalists of these weights have been determined.

In the weight of 61 kg, Mohammad Baqer Yakhkashi from Mazandaran and Dariush Hazrat Gholizadeh from North Khorasan reached the final.

In the 70 kg weight category, Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari and Akbar Fazli both from Mazandaran became finalists.

In the weight of 79 kg, Ali Savadkoohi from Mazandaran and Bahman Teymouri from Kermanshah reached the final.

In the 92 kg weight category, Ahmad Bazri and Amir Hossein Firoozpour both from Mazandaran became finalists.

In the 125 kg weight category, Yadollah Mohebbi from Kermanshah and Seyed Mehdi Hashemi from Marandaran reached the final.

These competitions are held in honor of Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani and the martyrs who defended the shrine with the presence of 388 freelancers from all over the country in 10 weights from Wednesday to Friday (January 12 to 14) hosted by Golestan Province in Imam Khomeini Hall in Gorgan.

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Six winners of the Norwegian World Championships, including Hassan Yazdani, Kamran Ghasempour, Amir Hossein Zare, Alireza Sarlak, Amir Mohammad Yazdani and Mohammad Nokhodi, are exempt from participating in the competition, and other wrestlers must participate in the competition, which will be held without weight.

In these competitions, an additional quota has been considered for the provinces of Mazandaran (10 people), Tehran (five people) and Lorestan (five people), which were represented in the Norwegian world competitions.

The 10-weight champions will be sent directly to the Asian Championships while remaining in the national team selection cycle.

The second and third joint members will remain in the national team selection cycle and will be allowed to participate directly in the Throne Cup.

Other wrestlers who do not finish first to third in the national championship will be allowed to participate in the Throne Cup qualifiers.


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