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These popular Android apps send user information to China!

17 July 1402 at 19:44

If you want your information not to fall into the hands of the Chinese, we suggest you delete these malicious programs from your Android phone right now! The important thing about these programs is their high number of downloads.

In recent years, the Chinese have tried to improve their image in the public mind. However, every few months, news of Chinese hacking, censorship, sabotage, etc. is revealed by the media. Today, it’s time to publish the news of the theft of Android users’ information by the Chinese! Several popular Android apps collect their users’ information and send it to the Chinese.

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Although Google Play Store is one of the most secure app stores in the world and most of the apps do not cause any problems in your phone, sometimes a list of insecure apps of this platform is published that cause problems for users as malware. Recently, a new list of insecure Play Store apps that have been downloaded millions of times has been published. These programs collect user data and send it to China.

Android security

Although Google Play Store is one of the safest platforms for downloading apps, it is better to only go to known developers even when using this app.

Recently, a company active in the field of Internet and virtual space called Prideo published a list of some programs that misuse the information of their users. These malware were all created by the same developer and have been downloaded more than 1.5 million times to date. It is not yet clear whether the information of the users of these programs reached the Chinese government or whether a group of Chinese hackers misused the information. The only thing that has been specified is the destination of the users’ data, which is China.

Which programs should we immediately delete from our phone?

If you are among those who have installed the File Recovery and Data Recovery program, it is better to delete this program right now. This app has been downloaded more than one million times in Google Play Store. Another infected program is File Manager, which has been downloaded by more than 500,000 people. The important thing about these two programs is that their developer had stated many times that it has nothing to do with user data and does not collect information, but in the reviews it was found otherwise.

Insecure apps

There are many apps with the same name on Google Play, many of which are not a problem in terms of security. It is better to identify these two dangerous programs according to this image.

Another important point about these programs is their constructive behavior towards user data. As the reports show, even if the user requests in writing to delete his information from the Chinese database, the developers will not accept this request, and after installing these two programs, you have no way to get your information out of the hands of the Chinese!

If you install these programs, it is better to know that the Chinese have obtained important information from you!

The aforementioned security company has published a long list of user information collected by these two malicious programs. This information includes the complete list of contacts on your phone, contacts of emails and social networks, images, sounds and videos that have been opened in this program, the exact location of the user, the country code of the residence, the name of the provider of telecommunication services of the user’s phone, the version number of the user’s operating system and The model of the user’s device.

As it is clear from the name of these two programs, many of the collected data have nothing to do with data recovery and file manager. It is good to know that these programs are not even allowed to collect this information from users. Another scary thing about these programs is their hiding on the user’s home screen; Thanks to this feature, erasing becomes much more difficult for novice users. Other published information shows that this program exchanges data with servers in China hundreds of times every day.

Android operating system hack

After installing insecure apps, if
If your phone is hacked, you should go for factory reset.

Given that these programs require user approval to execute their malicious commands, they used a new tactic. These two applications made the user’s phone restart in order to continue their activity in the background. After the restart, these two programs continued to run in the background.

The published information shows that Google has recently removed these two programs from the Play Store platform and it is no longer possible to download them. If these two programs are installed on your phone, it is better to delete them now. Installing antivirus programs, using the phone’s security features and finally factory reset can reduce the risk of using the phone after installing insecure programs.

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