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According to Mehr reporter, Yunus Emami, the bronze medalist of the world freestyle wrestling, was one of Iran’s national team in the Kyrgyz Grand Prix Cup, where he competed against the Olympic champion. Of course, he did not succeed in defeating his famous Russian opponent in this tournament, which was held under the title of Padubeni League, but he was able to recognize his real position in the 74 kg weight class in the world and the Olympics and work harder to improve it.

In this regard, Yunus Emami emphasized that his participation in the Kyrgyz Padubani League was very productive and constructive, and told Mehr reporter: In this tournament, I faced Sidakov from Russia, and the most important achievement of the fight against him was that I really understood the distance and difference from the Olympic champion. I did. Although I was not very prepared, but in practice I realized that with more effort and preparation, I even have the ability to overcome him.

He added: I lost against Sidakov with a score of 6-4, while I could have won in the last minutes of the match due to his fatigue. Of course, he has a lot of experience and is very technical and intelligent, and despite his fatigue at the end of the race, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the necessary points. However, this ship is a very valuable experience for me that I can put to good use in the future.

Emami continued: “Wrestling is a sport without records and it is never possible to definitively predict winning and losing, but we see in ourselves the ability to perform well in the upcoming competitions with more training and effort and removing my weaknesses.”

Regarding his participation in the 2023 World Championships in Serbia, the national freestyle athlete of our country noted: First, I have to reach the runner-up position of the national team, but for sure, this round of the World Championships is much more difficult than the previous round because it is a field for earning an Olympic quota. I also try to participate in these competitions with the best mental and physical conditions and get a better result than the previous world competitions.

The 74 kg bronze medalist of the 2022 World Championships said at the end: This year’s World Championships are very important for me and all the contenders, because every wrestler can shine in these competitions, he has traveled half of the way to success in the Olympics and, naturally, in that big event. will shine

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