Timuri: We shouldn’t put all the blame on Shimba and the source/ It’s really hard to draw conclusions

In an interview with the sports reporter of Tasnim news agency, Meisham Timuri said about Mes Kerman’s performance in the last 11 weeks and that they did not perform well in terms of scoring, he said: We agree that we did not perform as expected in terms of scoring, but our situation is not that bad and the team We are not far from the teams at the top of the table. We work on our strengths and weaknesses during the holidays to get better results. Definitely, if we neglect, we will fall behind and we should not lose points easily.

The left defender of the Mes Rafsanjan football team, in response to the criticism of Godwin Mensha and Luciano Pereira (Shimba), the two foreign attackers of this team, noted: when a team scores or concedes a goal, everyone is involved in it, and the criticism of our two foreign attackers is logical. is not. They are good players and will continue to change the situation. We should not put all the blame on Shimba and Masha.

In response to the question of what is his opinion about the technical quality of the Premier League games, he said: I have been playing in the league for several years and I believe that the quality of the games has increased this year. You can see that most of the games are low-scoring and the reason is that the technical quality of the teams has increased and the technical difference between the teams has decreased. This year’s league is really tough and getting results for each team has its own challenges. Now all teams hardly score and it is really difficult to get results.

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