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According to Tejarat News, the total stock market index dropped by 11,181 units and reached the level of 1,377,000 units. Today there are several signals for the market and experts believe that the glass hall is experiencing a balanced trend. Accordingly, it is expected that the total index will be balanced and sometimes negative on this day.

Saleh Abadi, head of the central bank, said: “Whoever trades in the stock market has a transparent economic activity.” He has also paid his stock exchange tax. It is exempt from tax in the purchase of shares, and at the time of selling shares, half percent of the tax has been paid. (pulse of the stock exchange)

This issue can increase investors’ confidence in the stock market and bring new liquidity into the capital market.

On the last Wednesday of this summer, the popular car of Bahman Group, Dignity in four rows and Cara car in two rows, will be offered again on the trading board of the Iran Commodity Exchange.

Supplying the car in the commodity exchange reduces the rent in this field and brings the car to the price equilibrium.

Peyman Haddadi, the adviser to the head of the stock exchange organization in the affairs of equity shares, said: If equity investment companies cooperate, it is possible to plan in such a way that the deposit of equity shares will be paid in 2 stages, for example, at the end of autumn 1401 and at the end of winter 1401. (Tasnim)

Some experts believe that the profit from equity shares will enter the capital market in the form of new liquidity.

After the in-principle approval of the real estate investment fund (REIT) was issued by the Securities and Exchange Organization, the first fund with the mentioned issue was registered with the Companies Registration Department this week. (Senate)

This issue can increase the confidence of investors and bring new money into the capital market.

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