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According to Tejarat News, Tehran Stock Exchange was green on the first day of this week. Most of the market groups saw an increase in the volume and value of transactions on this day and moved in the direction of growth. In this way, the total index of the stock market was on the verge of re-entering the channel of 1.6 million units, and the total equal weight index was closer to the channel of 500 thousand units.

Today, the capital market ended its work while the total index of the stock exchange stood at a height of 1.598 thousand units with a growth of 18 thousand and 939 units and went up by 1.20%.

On the other side of the market, the equal-weight total index, which represents the small and medium-sized symbols of the market, also went up by 8,924 units and reached the level of 482,124 units with a growth of 1.89%.

It should be mentioned that in the over-the-counter market, the total index of this market faced growth today and reached a height of 20,267 points with an increase of 51.95 points.

Effective symbols

Today, cars appeared popular according to the roll of recent days. At the same time, the symbols of Foolad, Khodro, Femli, Kegel, Shasta, Webmelet and Vepasar had the most positive impact on the total stock market index. Meanwhile, Khodro, Khasapa, Khagstar, Vetjarat, Shasta, Vepasar and Webmelt were the most traded stock symbols.

On the other side of the market, Bepass and Keghar symbols had the most negative impact on the total OTC index, and Aria, Di, Damavand, Khadizal and Faghdir symbols had the most positive impact on this index. It should be noted that Vakbehman, Wolbehman, Frabourse, Sharum, Chakhzar, Qachar and Kerman were the most traded symbols of the exchange.

The withdrawal of the value of small transactions from the circle of recession

Today, the total value of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions reached 10,416 billion Tomans, and the over-the-counter exchange witnessed transactions with a total value of 5,000 billion Tomans.

However, the value of small market transactions (stocks + preemptive rights + mutual funds) reached eight thousand and 570 billion tomans on this day. Based on this, 55% of the total value of today’s market transactions was the share of small transactions.

Experts say that if in the medium term the value of small transactions is maintained above 6 thousand tomans and in the best case, it increases, we can hope that the market has entered the boom phase.

The entry of real money into the market

Today, the capital market witnessed the entry of money into stocks. In such a way that the real ones brought more than 709 billion tomans to the market. Meanwhile, the fixed income funds experienced an outflow of more than 762 billion tomans of real money today. People of the capital market hope that with the withdrawal of money from fixed income, real liquidity will move to the stock market.

Tomorrow’s stock market forecast

According to the growth of the value of small transactions during the past weeks, most of the market experts believe that the market is out of recession period. However, this exit from recession does not mean uniform growth of all symbols.

Experts say that at different times, shares change their place in investors’ portfolios; In such a way that sometimes the acceptance of Rial shares increases and sometimes dollar shares are considered.

The capital market is now being strengthened with the three levers of inflation, the re-increase in the price of the dollar and the value of most of the symbols that have been emptied of the bubble in recent months, and the arrival of new liquidity can make green days in the stock market. In this way, tomorrow can also be a green day for the market, provided that the big shareholders do not change their strategy these days and look for shares rather than short-term fluctuations.

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