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Tourists who see the historic house of Imam Khomeini (RA) should get to know his personality

According to Arya Heritage report, Seyyed Ezzatullah Zarghami, on the sidelines of his visit to the historical house of Imam Rahel in Khomein city, told reporters: Tonight, by attending this house, decisions were made, and the duties are on his shoulders, especially in the field of spirituality and intangible cultural heritage, which is even more important than Cultural heritage is tangible, it was discussed.
Emphasizing that Imam Rahel revived humanity, and in fact, human history and contemporary history are divided into the era before and after Imam (RA), Zarghami said: Today, the resistance front controls half of the world, and this is due to Imam It is going away and the enemies are aware of this and they are trying to use new tools and virtual space to show an unfair depiction of the past and the revolution in order to remove the love of the Imam from the hearts of the people and the youth.
He clarified: This effort of the enemies will definitely never come to fruition, Imam Rahal has a place in the heart of the Iranian nation and everyone understands his greatness, and we are proud that the identity of the Iranian nation is tied to the personality of Imam Khomeini, many young people live with the love of Imam Rahal. They have started themselves and tied such a knot that it can never be untied.
The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts stressed: It is our duty for the tourists who come to the historic house of Imam Rahal to fully and correctly get to know the personality of Imam Rahal, and in fact, the historical house of Imam Rahal, Jamaran and his holy shrine, chain It is to introduce the national values ​​and honors of the Iranian nation at the world level. We must have a special design for this collection, unfortunately, there is no plan to narrate the personality of the Imam in his honor, and we are trying to plan in this direction so that the world can get to know the real personality of the Imam.

Khomein has many capacities in the field of tourism

In another part of his speech, engineer Zarghami emphasized: There are many tourism capacities in Khomin, during today’s visit, issues related to Khomin and deficiencies were clarified, and we will definitely plan for this city so that all capacities are used well. All kinds of assistance will be provided by the ministry in the field of land grants, various incentives, banking facilities and various exemptions, etc.
Referring to the development of a package and its approval by the government, he said: Considering Khomein’s position, we will implement this package quickly and strongly so that Khomein’s face in the field of tourism will have a tangible change.

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