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Transferring the agency of two banks for the payment of the National Housing Movement facility to the Housing Bank

The CEO of Maskan Bank announced in a meeting with Khorasan Governor Razavi:

In this meeting, referring to the implementation of the national housing movement plan and the government’s obligation to build 4 million residential units in 4 years, Mahmoud Shayan informed about the transfer of the agency of some banks to Maskan Bank gave

The managing director of Maskan Bank, referring to the possibility of paying the facilities of the National Housing Movement Project in the form of self-ownership projects, announced the welcome of the private sector to this plan.

The Managing Director of Maskan Bank continued: So far, 560,000 accounts have been opened in the whole country to pay for National Movement facilities, of which 378,000 accounts have been financed by Maskan Bank.

In this meeting, Dr. Shayan announced the signing of the agency contract with the two Sanat and Mining and Export Development Banks and the transfer of the share of the facilities of these two banks to Maskan Bank to pay for the National Housing Movement’s facilities.

Dr. Shayan also pointed to the bank’s performance in paying Mehr housing facilities and said: the total amount of Mehr housing facilities was more than 55 thousand billion tomans, which was paid for the construction of 2 million and 300 thousand units.

In this meeting, Yaqub Ali Nazari, Governor of Khorasan Razavi, also appreciated the performance of Housing Bank for financing the housing and construction sector.

In this meeting, Mehdi Sandgol Nizami, director of public relations and management, and Taqvi, director of provincial branches, were present.

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