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Trying to strengthen the national identity in a village+film platform

According to Fars news agency, the sixth “Samimaneh” program was attended by Saman Murad Hosseini, the CEO of Village TV, Alireza Babaei, the head of the Social Vitality Center of the Public Culture Council of the country, the director of Iran Sedah Media, the representative and adviser of the vice president for rural development, and some directors of Satra and Broadcasting Organization was held.

Saman Murad Hosseini, the CEO of Roosta TV platform, said in the “Samimaneh” program: This platform is a video-interactive video that makes programs for the country’s villagers. The audience of this platform is divided into two categories: villagers and urban dwellers who want to get information from the villages of our country, which have a population of over 21 million people (a third of the country’s population).

He added: Fortunately, in the nearly three years that have passed since the opening of this platform, we have established a very good relationship with the country’s villagers. This communication was not only through the media, but through social networks, text messages, phone calls, etc. We hope that Satra and other related institutions will give us more help so that we can expand our platform and produce more attractive programs for the villagers across the country.

In the continuation of the program, Alireza Babaei, the head of the social vitality camp of the General Culture Council, said: We are seriously pursuing one goal in this camp, which is to strengthen social vitality from the point of view of social cohesion, and we consider the strengthening of local and local identity in line with the strengthening of national identity.

Hadi Sharifi, the representative and adviser of the vice president’s rural development office, also said: One of the positive things about this media is its comprehensiveness, and if this process is expanded, we will witness very good events.

Mehdi Shamlou, director of Iran Sada media, said in another part of “Samimaneh” program: sometimes the kind of narrative that is in the media about the village and maybe some realities of rural life make some people who live in the village have the feeling that they will never return to life. They will not reach their ideal, and therefore their hopes and dreams will be to migrate to the city, and in this regard, a rural media can present a suitable narrative of rural life with its good productions.

Seyyed Mohammad Salem, the representative of the deputy of the affairs of the broadcasting provinces, in the continuation of this meeting, noted: if someone is going to introduce his village on this platform, it is preferable to use his own accent and language; Even if he is not a well-known person, there is no problem. In general, try to use the existing capacities of the villages in planning and producing content.

Kazem Mirahmadi, director of intellectual property protection of Satra, also said in this meeting: Village TV has been successful in producing content and has taken a few steps further from the point of view of intellectual and legal property because the media that produce content are ahead of the media that provide content. And in the discussion of intellectual property and the conflict of interests of authors and creators, they face less legal problems.

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