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Unprecedented growth in providing marriage and childbearing facilities to Iran Zameen Bank customers

According to the financial news, the amount of marriage loan facilities granted in Iran Zamin Bank in the first half of 1401 amounted to 1 thousand billion rials, which until the end of September of this year with the granting of 2 thousand and 312 marriage facilities and a significant growth of 329 percent to About 5 thousand billion rials have been reached.

Also, in order to provide and facilitate the costs of having children, Iran Zamin Bank has increased the amount of its loan facilities for childbearing from the amount of 200 billion rials, by granting 1,507 items with a value of more than 900 billion rials, to a significant growth of 363%.

It should be noted that, according to the announcement of the Central Bank, from the beginning of this year until October 8, more than 109 thousand billion Tomans of facilities were paid to 799 thousand 578 marriage and child loan applicants by the banking network.

In line with the law to support the youth of the population, from the beginning of this year until October 8, the country’s banking network has paid 426 thousand and 40 applicants marriage loan facilities in the amount of 86.7 Hamat, which is a growth of 26% compared to the same period. had the previous year.

Also, in this year, 373 thousand 538 children’s loan facilities in the amount of 23.01 Hamat have been paid to the applicants, which has increased by 44% compared to the same period last year.

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