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Unveiling of Saman Bank Knowledge Enhancement Database

According to Monetary and Financial News, quoted by Saman Media, Dansa Knowledge Enhancement Database was launched by Saman Bank Public Relations as an educational and awareness-raising tool in the field of banking, financial and insurance issues.
Accordingly, Dansa stands for Knowledge of Samani and the administrators of this database try to inform about banking services, insurance, payment, new banking technologies and methods of receiving these services and the advantages and facilities of products in these fields.
According to the administrators of Dansa site, the main mission of this site is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the audience of Saman Bank site in the specialized fields of banking, insurance and payment, so that customers can have a more accurate and deeper understanding of the services they deserve. Offered, deliver.
It should be noted that Dansa will present its content in the form of text, video, photos, infographics and podcasts to its audience.
Those interested in visiting this site can refer to the address

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