US-affiliated Kurds invaded Damascus

According to Fars News Agency’s International Group, the military council of the Kurdish militias known as the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, which are affiliated with the United States, announced their readiness to coordinate with the Syrian government on Tuesday.

Democratic forces, with the help of US terrorist forces, have been occupying areas in northeastern and eastern Syria and have repeatedly claimed autonomy, but have tended to Damascus as usual with Turkish threats and the possibility of being left alone by the United States.

news Network Russia Today“Democratic forces are ready to coordinate with Damascus to counter any possible Turkish invasion of the territories under their control,” the military council said in a statement.

The statement came after an extraordinary meeting of commanders of Kurdish councils and military groups. The meeting reviewed developments in northern and eastern Syria following Turkey’s threats to invade the region.

The meeting reviewed the impact of any new Turkish attack on the humanitarian situation in northern and eastern Syria and stressed that any attack would bring the Syrian people back to the starting point of the crisis, the statement said.

According to the statement, Turkey’s plans, including its recent threats, “are only a prelude to the disintegration of Syria. “Turkey’s attack also has an impact on the war against ISIS.”

Democrats have said they are ready to defend the region against any possible Turkish attack, saying ISIL would take advantage of the situation in Turkey.

Pointing out that they are ready for a long-term war, these elements concluded that the Turkish invasion will affect the stability and territorial integrity of Syria and will extend to other parts of Syria.

In this regard, “Mazlum Abdi”, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said on Sunday this week that the Democratic Forces are ready to cooperate with the Syrian army forces against Turkey, but there is no need to send more forces (more details).

The Syrian government has repeatedly called on the democratic forces to come out from under the US umbrella and has talked about this several times, but with Washington’s sabotage, they have not gone anywhere.

Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad also recently stressed that the US illegal presence in the island region of northern Syria is coming to an end and that the areas occupied by US forces will soon be under the control of the Damascus government.

Meqdad warned the Syrian Democratic Forces against continuing the occupation, urging them to understand that the United States would eventually leave Syria and abandon them.

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