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US Senator: Joe Biden has a “revolving doll”

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The White House has a “puppet” who can decide on important issues for President Joe Biden.

According to Sputnik, on Tuesday, September 14, the senior Republican senator of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Jim Risch, announced that Biden is the director of the “puppet show”.

In a committee meeting on the situation in Afghanistan, US Senator Jim Rish called the withdrawal of US troops from the country “a complete failure.” At the same time, he called for an understanding of the real issue, not exactly who is responsible for it, but who decides for Biden.
“The United States and the United Nations must maintain the current sanctions against the Taliban, a banned terrorist group in Russia. “The group returned to the time of the talks and will consider tougher measures for the group (the Taliban) and its leaders, as well as guaranteeing access to humanitarian aid for those in need.”

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