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Using all the capacities of the national media to promote prayers

According to Fars news agency, on the eve of the 29th national prayer meeting, Peyman Jabli and a group of national media officials met with Hojjat al-Islam and Muslimeen Mohsen Qaraiti and members of the prayer leadership staff. Jabli called Hojjat al-Islam and Muslimin Qaraati an influential personality and He said: You are a medium on your own, and your services in the field of prayer and interpretation of the Qur’an are irreplaceable and worthy, your presence is a blessing for radio and television, and many young people became interested in the Qur’an after your lessons, and after hearing the instructive points from your language, they are familiar with this divine book. became

The head of the national media continued to say: This trend and teaching method in your school is limited and based on your personality, and it should be hoped that this type of religious and Quranic discourse will be multiplied. Jabali pointed to the activities of the national media in the field of promoting Quranic culture and He said: The Broadcasting Organization considers it its duty to continue the path of teaching and teaching the Qur’an and to include this content in radio and television programs every time with a new method and using new facilities.

Referring to the allocation of a specialized prayer desk in Sada Vasima news agency, he said: From a formal point of view, all content areas are moving in a targeted manner in the direction of promoting Quranic teachings, and many production departments, including news departments, are taking steps in the direction of information in the area of ​​the Quran, which in This specialized prayer table in Sedavasima News Agency has managed to attract the attention of the audience.

The head of the national media also emphasized the design of audience-friendly programs in this regard and stated: The Broadcasting Organization is ready to use all internal and external capacities to promote the rich culture of the Quran and prayers.

* The need for effective programs in the area of ​​prayer

In this meeting, Hojjatul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Qaraati also said, referring to the national prayer meeting: this annual meeting is a political and propaganda call to prayer, and this year our focus is on the presence of cultural leaders of the country and members of the cultural universities.

The head of the prayer service said: Considering the need to promote the culture of Qur’an interpretation and to create motivation for different groups of people, especially teenagers and young people, continuously include the Qur’an interpretation in radio and television programs. Prayer should be identified and fixed in the society, he said: You should double the importance of prayer for different sections of the society and remind the youth of this divine duty with an eloquent and sweet expression.

Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Qaraati emphasized: Lead teenagers and young people to the interpretation of the Qur’an and activate the interpretation of the Qur’an in the provinces and cities by using provincial productions.

The head of the country’s prayer service staff emphasized on the use of the concepts of the Holy Quran and demanded the explanation and interpretation of this holy book among the youth and university students and said: the national media should cooperate with members of the society, especially families, to strengthen the spiritual and value teachings of their duties. to do

The head of the country’s prayer service staff pointed out the importance of the Qur’an interpretation among other important programs that should be given special attention by the national media at the country level and said: In this connection, it should be given more attention by the program makers along with other national media productions. .

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