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Using social networks to present research findings to people – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ali Ghazni, at the meeting of the Vice-Chancellors of Research and Technology of Medical Sciences Universities, said about the new scientific indicators: These new indicators have been formed on the basis of the global Internet network, and these indicators can help us gain authority. scientific and international scientific cooperation to help.

He pointed out: If we move in this context, we can raise our visibility level.

Ghazni said about the scientific measurement system of the Ministry of Health: This system is the leader in the country and a set of indicators are measured in it, and these indicators can be completed and improved.

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Stating that the current indicators measure our scientific impact in the scientific community, he said: But in the last three decades, other impacts such as economic impact, social impact, and relationship with society and industry are also measured in the world.

Stating that there is a citation index in the impact of articles, and the social impact index is “mention”, this scientometric expert said: Social networks have made it possible for scientific activities to be accessible to the public. Another part of social impact is to use scientific findings in the country’s political documents.

He continued: Some news agencies are also active in this field, and by republishing the research findings, the credibility and reputation of the universities that conducted the research will increase.

The faculty member of the regional science and technology information center emphasized that the importance of new indicators is not less than the previous indicators and said: Articles can be used in Wikipedia entries. Wikipedia has about 25 billion monthly hits, and through this, articles can be made available to the public.

He continued: Articles can also be republished on Twitter. Twitter has 7 billion views per month and this capacity can be used.

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