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Vulgarity or music? / The enemy’s cognitive warfare in the guise of “fine arts”

Fars news agency – music group: During the last century, the West has always had the nature of using force and injecting its goals and hopes in every area, with every language and every action, and this process continues.

During the four decades of Iran’s glorious Islamic revolution, we have experienced all kinds of war from the west, in the sixties with land war, in the seventies and eighties with the war of belief, and in the same way today with the war of knowledge, and this important issue is the need for a correct understanding of Jihad. Represents the explanation.

One of the main tools of the enemy’s cognitive warfare is “art and media”, that is, works of art become a tool to change the intellectual and mental state of citizens and over time it changes them and turns them into other people.

What is cognitive warfare?

Today, the enemy wants to change the Iranian people’s understanding of the facts. These days, they have bombarded the space with a combined war to such an extent that this war can definitely be considered on the same level as the imposed war of the era of holy defense.

Mohsen Mahdian, the CEO of Hamshahri newspaper, says in this regard, the enemy’s cognitive warfare: Cognitive war is a war in the field of mind and narrative creation of reality, the enemies realized that they cannot change the Islamic Republic in reality and it is progressing day by day, as a result of changing minds. In the recent events, the enemy launched a network war, in a network war, two things are the criteria, the first is the person who forms the network and the second is the network members, creating fake pages and taking over the virtual pages of celebrities and giving them a line is one of the Other tactics were the enemy.

Vulgarity or music? / The enemy's cognitive warfare in the guise of "fine arts"

* Foreign support causes overnight fame!

In this cognitive war of which art and media are the main tools, there are mediators called celebrities who, knowingly or unknowingly, come to help this attitude change more quickly due to the influence of the public on them.

These days, we have often witnessed the positions and even productions of celebrities or artists who have become so famous overnight and without support that the purpose behind this is quite clear, a problem that is especially evident in one of the viral music pieces. It has become concrete these days. It has definitely been proven to everyone that the overnight fame and popularity of an artist who has an opposition background is beyond the responsibility of the person himself and external support causes this.

In fact, a chain of factors come together to make an “artist” or “artwork” stand out, and the effectiveness starts from here.

* International, normal media function or journalistic arrogance?

Obviously, today the media plays an irreplaceable and main role in this field. Just as the International openly took a position beyond journalistic insolence and led the riots under the guidance of the Mossad, in the same way, the art and music injected by such media is anti-civilized and anti-moral and aimed at changing values ​​and attitudes. Is.

A former IDF (Israeli Ministry of Defense) officer and editor of Axios says about International: “This media platform was basically created by the Mossad for information warfare against Iran.”

These days, the weak and mundane works of art with the slogans of Gul Drasht, which are published through this media as “protest art”, basically have no purpose other than to influence cognition (read values ​​and attitudes).

Vulgarity or music? / The enemy's cognitive warfare in the guise of "fine arts"

* Misuse of music to promote vulgarity

Unfortunately, some of today’s artists, who always consider strangers to be more compassionate and aware of society’s issues and problems, become the tour options and hooks of Maandin. Now it has reached a point where music and art have become a means to promote vulgarity instead of the message of love and friendship and moral issues.

This is despite the fact that in the West, religion and ethics are still the criteria and cultural and artistic contents are distributed with the necessary sensitivity in their societies. Unfortunately, among our artists today, we have to witness the publication of works that are extremely immoral and promote irreligion, and at a higher and more heinous level, they deal with issues below the dignity of humans, triangular relationships and loves, and such vulgarities.

* The wrong key was struck in the music before the revolution

Traces of this misdirection in music can be traced back to before the revolution, when modernity came to sweep away the entire historical and cultural background of Iranians and replace it with Pahlavi hats and tuxedo pants. On the one hand, the music of Mahor, Dashti, Shur, Tregah, and Fourgah will give way to rock, blues, and pop, and this last one is growing more than others and is still growing. That is why today pop music has taken a much, much larger share of domestic productions.

Vulgarity or music? / The enemy's cognitive warfare in the guise of "fine arts"
The ratio of pop music to other music genres (second half of 1401)

* From sacredness in the art of music to today’s central eroticism

When we Iranians went from that traditional noble music and that master-disciple system, from that respect and education that always prioritized ethics – to the point that the artist without ablution did not touch the instrument – we gradually reached the exciting bass guitar hits combined with dance. The noble music went to the corner of solitude to promote a type of music that was not only the notes that determine the melody, but this heresy should have a taste tray of dancing and lavender and the visual, conceptual and abstract rewards of eroticism in order to attract the youth to the end of the narration of the rows. Tar MirzaAbdullah to pull down.

*Vulgar music is empty and devoid of art

Now this music is so far away from its main function that if you remove all the nuances from it, the music itself has nothing to listen to. Its singers have become pointless, its composers have nothing in their pockets, their poets only try to deal with immoral and sexual issues, and a dark trend that has crossed the boundaries of insolence so much that it has reached love triangles, and this is the clear manifestation of war. There is no way out if we look for the representation and the most objectified manifestation of cognitive warfare in this vulgarity of today’s music.

* In the “Grammy” awards, the criterion is definitely not music and collaboration

Why do some young people still not believe that the enemies are neither sympathetic to these people nor will they give up on them? Why do some people still not understand that supporting them is the only means that justifies the goal? In a Machiavellian way (emphasis is on the deceptive approach), they subject some young people to achieve their small and big goals. For example, if a survey is conducted among the professional musicians of Iran about a Grammy award that was given to a young Iranian, the vast majority will evaluate both the work and the singer at an average to low level for several reasons.

* Music Oscar contaminated with politics!

First, the Grammy Award, which is known as the music Oscar and the most prestigious music competition event in the world, like the movie Oscar, is heavily polluted by politics and is gradually losing its past credibility. Just as the weak and anti-Iranian film “Argo” won the 2012 Oscar just for blacking out Iran, or later a film from Iran received an Oscar for blacking out its homeland, now this labyrinth of the Yankees’ politics has also reached Gamma, even in such a situation. who had felt that there might be a hope to attack Islamic Iran more.

Vulgarity or music? / The enemy's cognitive warfare in the guise of "fine arts"

* Non-musical initiative “Garmi” in the “Social Change” section

At this point, forced by political behind-the-scenes players, since they couldn’t credit a weak song with an average singer on par with world-class professional work, they quickly created a “social change” section at the Grammys to be able to Why should they give an award to a novice artist and an ordinary work because there should be no comparison between it and other works and he should get a warm award, that’s why they started this mercenary and fraudulent initiative.

In fact, the music in question was considered not as a work of art but as a political act, and they made it a priority to highlight it.

“Social change” or promotion of immorality?

Here, with the Grammy award of “social change”, the goal of the same debate was to promote immorality and anti-morality, so that the young singer and others are wrongly motivated for pure citizenship and channeling in the path they have embedded, so that their chosen singer becomes a billboard for promoting corruption and Prostitution and implementation of absurd anti-human concepts. Let it be the penis of the master who says to sing, honor is meaningless! read “I say I don’t know him, don’t tell me why his hair is curly»
(P.N. The poem of this “Bad Song” tells the story of a boy who is in love with a girl who has not reached him and is married, but they have a perfect relationship to the extent that they are worried that the girl’s legal husband will realize the similarity of the child’s appearance with his wife’s lover).

In fact, such betrayal and corruption is not acceptable anywhere in the world, and this level of indecency and shame is the product of a movement that sees freedom in tension, nudity, and dancing, and every day it expresses its erotic complexes in a new way.

In other words, pseudo-artists like this, because they do not have the ability to understand the media and form and aesthetics of art, they try to make themselves the center of attention by crossing the moral and cultural red line. Just like men and women who do any immoral thing to get followers on Instagram.

* The new song of the singer “Brai”, an accurate representation of vulgarity

Superficiality, lack of thought, and anti-ethics are the goals that capitalism gives to some parts of society.

In fact, the view is that in this vulgar world where thought and thought are absent, someone like that young man with a weak and immoral song gets an award for changing the society! Nevertheless, if we want to consider the song “For” as a political act in the most optimistic way, how should we see this new song? Except it’s an accurate representation of the banality of Instagram and the social network it’s built.

And this is the main reason for awarding the “Grammy” award for “social change”!

Vulgarity or music? / The enemy's cognitive warfare in the guise of "fine arts"

* Betrayal and immorality, the theme of the new song in the form of “Beautiful arts?!”

“Treason” is not acceptable anywhere in the world. In the marital law, even thinking about another person in the world of fantasy is treason, let alone if a woman has an illegitimate child from her past love while still married. And this is the same stench that today is interpreted by some strata in the name of the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement, also in the form of “Fine Arts!?”.

Let us know that every social movement creates its own art, and if the movement called “Women’s Life of Freedom” has such songs, then woe betide this movement and civilization that wants to be condemned to this day.

And if we want to call this movement a discourse, alas for a movement whose voice and representative is a singer, a poem and a song with such a low level and such concepts.

* Capitalist discourse of Instagram and its artistic products

Unfortunately, the discourse that the vulgar capitalistic atmosphere of Instagram shapes its artistic products will be equally vile, polluted and stinky, and it is a representation of a sewer with a “woman, life of freedom” showcase.

As long as Instagram is based on a “sexualized” and “erotic” society and its corners are full of make-up influencers and fake beauties, its music and art cannot be anything more than such works.


Warning! Warning! Warning! For the youths who are involved in the bombardment of such temptations from the other side of the waters, the same ones who at the same time are still trembling for their honor and do not know that this path is going nowhere and they are in contradiction and this is the fate that the opponents have built for them.

One of the philosophers says: “In today’s modern world, there is no sign of progress that is not hidden by backwardness, delusion, and barbarism.”

Music and works like this, if they are not a sign of illusion, then what can we call them? It is for this reason that capitalism at its height clings to barbarism.

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