Warning of the depository company for equity share SMS – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, the CEO of Central Depository Company stated: “Depository Company has no mechanism to inform people through SMS and people know that all SMS about equity shares are fake, and basically there is no need to send an SMS about equity shares to an individual. .

Mohammad Baghestani said about the mass sending of SMS related to equity shares, including registration for survivors, receiving profits or buying and selling equity shares, which is done with the intention of fraud and misuse of people’s bank information, he said: Unfortunately, after the announcement of the implementation of transfer processes Compulsion of equity shares and dividend distribution of equity shares, and after the approval of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, in order for the depository company to pursue this issue and by starting correspondence, some people are taking advantage of this opportunity, and I request people not to pay attention to these text messages.

Source: Ilana

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