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Warning of tripling gas prices for the German people

Kloss Müller, head of the German Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned that gas prices for the German people would double or triple during the coming winter.

He said that stopping the transfer of Russian gas to Germany via the North Stream 1 pipeline could lead to a complete and long-term cessation of gas imports from Russia.

“According to most of the designed scenarios, the situation will not be good and we will have very little gas in the winter, or we will experience very difficult conditions in the winter and autumn,” Müller said in an interview.

He called on the German people to save energy.

Müller added: “Everyone in industry and home can work together, which includes wearing more clothes, reducing bath time and lowering the temperature of homes and workplaces.”

A few days ago, Russia’s Gazprom announced that it would suspend gas exports to Germany for 10 days due to maintenance operations. Last week, the company claimed that it had been forced to cut gas exports to Germany by 60 percent due to technical problems caused by Western sanctions.

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