Hackers change car lottery winners!

Online Economy Quotes Young Journalist ClubNematbakhsh said: “According to the announcement of one of the deputy ministers of industry, some people hacked the car manufacturers’ sales sites and put the names of the people in the list of winners in exchange for receiving 40 to 50 million Tomans, but this claim of the deputy minister is impossible;” Because all lotteries are held under the supervision of Mega Company, which is affiliated with the Development Organization.
The secretary of the Automobile Manufacturers Association said: “We told the Deputy Minister of Industry to pay this cost to the hackers under our responsibility, and if he succeeds in registering his name in the list of winners, we will inform the automaker, the sales system is not correct and you are a dealer, but Still, a few months ago, they could not prove this claim.
Mr. Tohidi, CEO of Mega Company, also says: The online car sales site is neither available to the car manufacturer nor to the people; Two separate groups are working and there is no possibility of collusion and influence.
Some time ago, some people in cyberspace received large sums of money from people and claimed that they could hack the car sales site.
Lt. Col. Hamidreza Soltanabadi, the head of the FATA police in the east of Tehran province, had said: “Following the referral of a citizen about fraud through entering the advertising link for the sale of car remittances, the investigation of this case was on the agenda of FATA police experts.”

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