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Was the cancellation of Alireza Ghorbani’s concert/the presence of female musicians the main reason? – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, citing the program’s public relations, Mahmoud Salari, deputy director of artistic affairs of the Ministry of Guidance, in an interview with Mostafa Emami, host of “Studio Hasht”, said about the cancellation of Alireza Ghorbani’s concert in Isfahan: the concert permit was issued by the Ministry of Guidance and also the Isfahan Guidance Department. Was. However, because of the incident that happened, Isfahan governorate sent a cancellation letter and told them (the concert organizers) to hold off for the time being until an issue is investigated.

Referring to his follow-up regarding the incident, he added: I called Alireza Ghorbani and apologized. Mr. Ghorbani himself said that the Ministry of Guidance had all the cooperation.

Salari clarified: As you know, both the province’s security and other institutions that have the security should comment on a part of the story.

He added: This incident made me call Mr. Ghorbani and apologize, even though the Ministry of Guidance was not really to blame for this incident. He also spoke with the governor of Isfahansay and the minister himself talked to the governor and we hope that the problem will be solved soon.

In response to the presenter, Deputy Henry Irshad said: This is a speculation about the rumor of the presence of female musicians in the concert, which caused its cancellation. Because we have a girls’ music conservatory in Isfahan and it is under the supervision of the Ministry of Guidance. In addition, another group of pop singers performed in that hall the night before.

In response to another question about the governor’s involvement in the matter, he reminded: It should be noted that when news reaches institutions from the province’s security and security and a problem like this occurs, they may be cautious for some reasons.

Salari further said about the Security Council meeting before issuing the permit: the permit was issued and the letter was sent to the places by Irshad and friends got permits from the places. What are the dimensions of the story and whether it was because of the female musician or something else, I have not yet reached it. After all, the conditions of the region are inflamed, as you mentioned, and maybe it was because of such cases.

In the end, he said: the problem will be solved and soon we will see Mr. Ghorbani’s concert.

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