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We request the cooperation of FAO for the restoration of Zagros forests

In this meeting, the vice president stated: the environment is to preserve life and we do not consider food security and life security apart from each other.

He added: Due to climate change, the conditions for preparing food have become more difficult, and we hope that healthy food will be available to everyone and that a larger number of the human population will not fall below the poverty line. We expect FAO to provide the food needed by the people of the world through agriculture, industry, etc.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization further said: Considering the unfavorable conditions of the Zagros forests due to the lack of water and the pests that have invaded this forest, we expect FAO to help us in this regard because climate change has become extremely problematic in the Zagros forests. And the vegetation of this area is changing.

Selajghe also called on FAO to work to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers and to provide more support to the Dust Coalition.

In the continuation of the meeting, while thanking the Islamic Republic of Iran for holding this very important summit, Al-Wair said: It was a very good time to gather all countries and thank you for giving great importance to the issue of dust. In my opinion, this meeting was a great opportunity to unite all countries and I expect to have more visits to your country from now on.

He emphasized: Iran has a rich culture and good experiences in agriculture, industry, etc., which can benefit the countries of the world. We hope that these cooperations will be formed in Iran and other countries.

Assistant General Manager FAO Referring to Selajghe’s requests to help the dust coalition and reduce the use of poisons and fertilizers in food production, he said: “FAO will do its best to fulfill your two requests, and I promise you that in the next two years, we will create a better FAO.” you will see

He also emphasized the importance of implementing the coalition’s strategy and action plan for mobilizing resources, political will, and strengthening global cooperation, and considered international cooperation necessary to reduce the origin and impact of dust storms on people, societies, and their economies.

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