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We will make Razi Insurance the first place in the insurance industry

Company News; Ali Jabbari – CEO of Razi Insurance, on the sidelines of the meeting of Razi Insurance Managers, said: Basic and infrastructural measures such as 700% increase in the company’s capital, obtaining a reliance license, obtaining triple financial wealth, obtaining level one wealth and setting up a 24-hour communication center in Razi Insurance Company In less than three years, we will turn Razi Insurance Company into the top five companies in the insurance industry.

Referring to the five strategic turns, new approaches and goals in the Razi Insurance Transformation Program, he added: “The Razi Insurance Transformation Program, which has been designed and implemented since the beginning of this year, will bring significant growth for Razi Insurance in three years.” In this way, the management team and colleagues of Razi Insurance will play a significant role in building the future of Razi Insurance.

The CEO of Razi Insurance, stating that the roadmap for Razi Insurance is based on the evaluation of Razi Insurance’s past performance, environmental conditions and environmental conditions, added: “We believe that the transformation in Razi Insurance has begun and we will see Razi Insurance at its peak soon.”

He said: “We have considered 6 principles of focus, policy-making, planning, supervision, guidance in the headquarters and delegating authority to branches and agencies to change and transform insurance, and by emphasizing innovation and providing up-to-date services, significant growth for the insurance company.” We have a secret in mind.

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