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Weakening the EU economy with rising natural gas prices

According to the Fars News Agency’s International Economics Group, the news agency ریانووستی Announced “ساکسو The Bank warns that rising natural gas prices will reduce the competitiveness of the EU economy and weaken its economies on a global scale.

«First Hansen », Head of the Bank’s Basic Goods Department ساکسو The increase in gas prices in Europe has recently set a new record, mainly due to declining supply and the early onset of winter weather in the region, the bank said. Gas supplies from Russia have also declined, and the global North Stream 2 pipeline project remains in limbo.

Russia’s Gazprom has already announced its readiness to deliver gas to Europe as soon as it receives a new pipeline permit from the European Union, but the move is likely to take months due to a debate among European countries over more gas imports from Russia. it takes time. Delays in obtaining the permit pushed the price of natural gas in European countries to its highest level in several years, to $ 970 per 1,000 cubic meters.

According to the announcement HansenThis price increase could lead to energy shortages in the EU during the winter months.

He added: “If price increases are not controlled in the coming months, we will probably experience a harsh winter with energy shortages and a decline in the competitiveness of energy-related industries.” These industries are still under pressure due to high gas and electricity prices.

The expert adds that energy-related industries will suffer the most, mainly in Germany and France.

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