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According to Tejarat News, the total index reached two million and 78 thousand units last week and at the end of this week it reached two million and 137 thousand units and was able to record a return of 2.8 percent this week. Of course, there were only three working days this week, and considering this issue, the total index has had a favorable return.

On the other hand, the equal weight index of the capital market also managed to record a return of 3.2% by reaching the range of 651 thousand units. Also, the over-the-counter index was at 26,190 units and gained a return of 2.3%.

The important point here is that this week the return of the equal-weighted index is more than the total capital market index, and this means that the small market shares have grown more than the large shares in these three working days.

The value of transactions in the second working week of the new year reached 44 thousand 75 billion tomans, and accordingly, the value of transactions on Monday was 13 thousand 680 billion tomans, on Tuesday 14 thousand 230 billion tomans, and finally on Wednesday 16 thousand 165 billion tomans. .

An important part of the value of transactions on Wednesday was related to the initial public offering of Pasargad Electronic Payment Company.

Initial supply on the way to the stock market

On Wednesday, the first initial offering of the new year will take place in the stock exchange company, and according to the published statistics, one million and 544 thousand people have participated in the first initial offering of this year. In this initial offering, each person received 237 shares.

Mahmoud Gudarzi, CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange, in response to the question of how many initial offerings we will have this year, said: Last year, due to the conditions, we had fewer offerings, and the majority of offerings this year will be in the industrial, digital economy, and food sectors. 15 companies are admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange in 1402.

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