What are the conditions for receiving a tenant loan?

According to Tejarat News, from today, tenants can refer to the National Real Estate and Housing System at Visit and register. The amount of this loan is 70 million Tomans in Tehran, 70 million Tomans in metropolises with a population of over 200,000 and 40 million Tomans in other cities.

Mortgage loan registration conditions

People who want to get a mortgage must meet some important conditions:

1- The loan applicant must be married or the head of the family.

2- The loan applicant should not have a house and the family form C should be green.

3- The applicant must have a lease with a tracking code.

4- History Rent The submitted letter must be completed by the end of the time Registration of mortgage loan Be.

5- Single women who live apart from their families and are over 35 years old can receive a deposit loan.

6. Men who used to be the head of the household, but are now single due to divorce or the death of a single spouse, are eligible for a mortgage.

However, the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development has announced that tenants who have not yet received a mortgage loan will be given priority.

Registration in the National Real Estate and Housing System

Registration of a mortgage loan is absent and individuals do not have to go to a bank branch or the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. Instead, people must register at the Housing Support Plan system to register Visit and register in this system via the Internet. The information registered in this system is checked and if the applicant is found to be eligible, he / she will be introduced to the bank to receive a mortgage loan.

Individuals who are eligible to receive a mortgage loan have the opportunity to submit their documents to the bank and introduce their guarantor two weeks after being introduced to the bank. Otherwise, the mortgage application will be rejected.

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