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What does the coincidence of two events and the concern of the Volleyball Federation / Referee do? Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, the Asian Games 2022 next year will be held from September 10 to October 20, while the world volleyball championship will be held from September 4 to 20, 1401.

The overlap of two important events will be a serious challenge for the Volleyball Federation, which requires two national teams. To have these two teams, the federation must have a plan ریزی Be accurate and precise so that he can achieve the goals he has set for himself.

The medal of the Asian Games for Iranian volleyball will not have a technical and qualitative burden, and the only medal will help the Iranian convoy in the Asian Games. Will but A strong presence in the world championships will pave the way for the realization of the federation’s ideals.

This was followed by Ahmad Ziaee in the previous Asian Games, who formed the “B” team to lead the world team to the World Cup and the “B” team to participate in the Asian Games. A strange action in the media announced the presence of the main team in the Asian Games!

Eventually while The “B” team camps were being held under the supervision of the head coach And it was decided that the main team would go to both events. Team Tired From the Asian Games to the World Championships, Iran dropped 7 places compared to the previous period Thirteenth To be placed.

Mohammad Reza Davarzani is facing an important challenge this time as the president of the federation, and it remains to be seen what decision he will make this time. Team presence National is taken in competitions. Is Iranian volleyball really looking for success in the world or is it still looking for Asian gold?

Mahmoud Afshar Doost in an interview with Mehr reporter In this case He said: “There should definitely be two national teams and the federation should announce its final opinion on what goals and programs the national team will participate in the Asian Games and the World Cup.” The strategy of the national team coach must also be taken. Eventually Due to the overlap of competitions and rules, the final decision should be announced as soon as possible. Serious decisions must be made as soon as possible. It is better for the federation to specify its goals, strategy and expectations in each match. Assignments must be made as soon as possible, otherwise national volleyball will suffer.

What does the coincidence of two events and the concern of the Volleyball Federation / Referee do?

Akbar Naeini, in a conversation with Mehr reporter about the overlap between the Asian Games and the World Cup, said: “Strong Asian teams are making their main plans to participate in the World Cup.” A team like Japan wants to play strong in the World Cup, and they probably do not care about the interference of the Asian and World Games, because they will send their main team to the World Cup. Iranian volleyball should have the same view.

He stressed: “When we want to be among the top 4 teams in the world, the Asian Games should not be more important to us than the world championships, unless the federation, as in the past, seeks to justify possible defeats in the world championships and thus wants to win the Asian Games.” Ignore. Asian competitions in the world are low and winning these competitions is worthless. It is logical that we should form two national teams with two separate coaches.


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