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What factors make us abandon bodybuilding?

When you start bodybuilding with enthusiasm, you may never imagine at the beginning that you will leave this sport for some reason in the future. In fact, if you do bodybuilding properly and under the supervision of an experienced trainer, you will never think of giving it up. But the problem is that many people set big goals for themselves and then proceed without following the principles and finally do not reach the goal they intended and then decide to give up bodybuilding forever! In this article, we will talk to you about the influencing factors in giving up bodybuilding.

Influential factors in abandoning bodybuilding

Based on research, it can be said that people may give up bodybuilding for the following reasons:

Severe muscle pain

When your weight training is heavy, even if you’ve warmed up well beforehand, it’s not unlikely that you’ll develop muscle damage. Muscle pain will usually be felt in the lower back, shoulders or other delicate parts of the body. If symptoms such as muscle tears, joint sprains, or chronic pain in the spine, hips, shoulders, knees, or elbows are seen, it may be due to joint stiffness syndrome, arthritis, or other inflammation.

In cases where there is muscle damage, it may be necessary for a person to abandon part of his training and replace it with other very light training. It may even be necessary for a person not to come to the gym at all for a while. When there is muscle and physical damage, the person is challenged not only physically but also mentally because he has not been able to progress his training as he intended. In these cases, a person should believe that he will soon compensate for his muscle wasting and return to his old routine. But it is not easy for everyone to believe this, and a person may give up bodybuilding forever.

Not achieving the desired result in bodybuilding exercises

By doing bodybuilding exercises, few people will succeed in having a body like the bodybuilders whose photos are printed in magazines. This is a fact and you have to accept it. Even if you do all your exercises properly, in the end, your goal may still be unattainable. We all have different body shapes and different genetic makeup. That is, the structure of our bones, the shape of our muscles and the connection of our joints are different. We cannot change our genetics. So it must be accepted that not everyone can change their body shape to look like the most famous bodybuilders in the world. To avoid giving up bodybuilding, don’t make unrealistic and dreamy goals for yourself.

Slow progress in bodybuilding

When you start exercising, your body receives a shock that forces the body to adapt to the new stress and signals the muscles to grow bigger and stronger. But sooner or later, for example, about 6 months to 1 year later, the body will get used to its exercises and progress will slow down. This means that you will not experience significant changes in your body like when you just started bodybuilding. In this case, you may even have a continuous effort for 1 month and not gain even a small amount of new muscle.

In these cases, bodybuilding trainers often suggest changing the person’s diet, applying rest periods well, and buying bodybuilding supplements so that the athlete can see his significant progress again. It is difficult for many people to go through these steps. It means that many people cannot try for months and not see any progress in return. For this reason, they think of giving up bodybuilding!

People’s lack of attention to the athlete’s progress

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You go to the gym every day, you sweat, you gain muscle, and you’re happy. But all this may not be visible to those around you. When you’ve been training consistently for 10 years, people may look down on you, mock your goals, and dismiss your efforts to get fit as narcissistic. Many people don’t value your hard work and may even accuse you that you were able to bulk up your muscles without exercise and only by taking some supplements. Some people may tell you that eventually all your muscles will be replaced by fat and even tell you about the disadvantages of bodybuilding.

How much patience do you have against all this and how resistant are you? Is the opinion of narrow-minded people, which is often rooted in jealousy and hatred, very important to you? Of course, sometimes you may not be encouraged as expected even by your family and friends who really love you. In this case, are you thinking of giving up bodybuilding? Of course, it should not be like this.

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Life problems are a factor for abandoning bodybuilding

We all face many problems in life. These problems are sometimes challenging. If you have financial problems, you may even have to work more than 8 hours a day. If you live in a big city like Tehran, you may spend several hours in traffic after getting off work to get home. When you get home, you are completely exhausted. You may also need to be involved in doing household chores. For example, clean the house or take care of a sick child or parent. Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to find time for bodybuilding, healthy eating, etc. In these cases, a person may think about giving up bodybuilding forever.

Quitting the gym

It cannot be hidden that there are people who have continued their bodybuilding exercises with all these problems and have been successful. In cases where life problems are back-breaking, even exercising can play a significant role in improving mood. You have to be mentally and psychologically strong and don’t let your problems get you down. Planning for affairs is also an important issue. You should plan your daily schedule in such a way that there are a few hours of time for physical training.

Why should you not give up bodybuilding?

For the reasons mentioned above, many people decide to give up bodybuilding. But in the meantime, some people remain steadfast and continue their training to finally see their success. Bodybuilding is not limited to a program to build muscle. Bodybuilding exercises and the result that a person gets from it make him gain more self-confidence. When faced with life problems such as the death of loved ones, bodybuilding helps a person experience less stress. According to bodybuilding elders, this sport can help you make deep changes in your life, get to know yourself better and gain self-confidence. Bodybuilding metabolism Adjusts the body and makes your body always fit. So, if you are practicing bodybuilding, don’t ever think of leaving it because it has many benefits for your body and mind.

Final speech

In this article, we have explained the reasons for giving up bodybuilding. For the reasons mentioned, many athletes decide to give up bodybuilding forever. But as we explained in the previous part, bodybuilding has many benefits for the physical body as well as the psyche. It can even help a person to be less lost and destroyed when faced with life’s problems. Our advice to you is to take up bodybuilding in a good gym under the supervision of an expert trainer and if you like this sport, never think of leaving it.

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