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What is the best multivitamin for a baby to gain weight?

Proper growth of the child’s height and weight is always a part of the concerns of every responsible parent. As a parent, you have a responsibility to provide adequate nutrition for your child so that he or she does not suffer from physical or even mental problems. In today’s world, the use of processed foods has led to a shortage of vitamins and minerals more than ever before and more common among children. Most parents try to prevent and treat their children from malnutrition by using a kind of appetizing syrup that contains useful vitamins and compounds and does not use unknown chemical compounds. Do you know which vitamins directly affect a child’s weight? Join us to introduce the best multivitamin for weight gain in this article.

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Essential vitamins for weight gain in infants and children

Adequate nutrition, which includes all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients, provides all the essential vitamins for the growth of a baby or toddler. When the baby is under 6 months old, breast milk or a suitable formula will meet the needs of his body. But as the child gets older, his or her diet should include enough fruits and vegetables so that the body does not become deficient in nutrients. Of course, the consumption of proteins, dairy products and useful fats must also be considered. In general, it can be said that the child needs all the vitamins for proper weight gain. Therefore, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K should be included in the child’s daily diet.

In order for all the vitamins to reach the baby’s body, it is obvious that a principled and varied diet must be considered for the baby. In addition to vitamins, the role of minerals can not be ignored. The baby definitely needs iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and other minerals for proper weight gain. If your child is malnourished or underweight for any reason, you can use a child multivitamin to help make up for the lack of nutrients.

Introducing the best multivitamin for baby weight gain

In this section, in order to increase the weight of the child, we will introduce you to several multivitamins:

Vitabiotics Kid Care Syrup

Even if your child is under 1 year old, you can still use Vitabiotics KidCare Syrup for him to improve his growth. This syrup is used for children, teenagers and adults. You can find the complete set of essential vitamins for growth in this multivitamin. B vitamins and zinc are among the most important nutrients affecting appetite and weight gain, which are fortunately found in sufficient quantities in this product. Strengthening the immune system, strengthening memory and promoting skin and hair health are the benefits of using this product. The good taste of oranges in this syrup makes it popular with children.

Kiddie Syrup is the best multivitamin for baby weight gain

کیدی کر

Meat Orange Syrup Vitabiotics

As mentioned earlier, B vitamins have the most effective role in increasing appetite and regulating metabolism among all vitamins. You can find a good supply of B vitamins in Meem Orange Syrup Vitabiotics. For this reason, this syrup is among the best multivitamins for weight gain. Iron, zinc and copper are the minerals in this syrup. By consuming this syrup, the child’s immune system will be stronger and will show better resistance against pathogens. Dosage for children is 2 ml daily and 5 ml each time. This syrup also has an orange flavor.

My syrup

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Multi Sunstool Plus Zinc Syrup is the best fattening syrup for children

There are more than 10 types of vitamins and minerals in Multi-Sunstool Plus Zinc Syrup. This syrup helps strengthen the immune system and, being rich in compounds such as zinc, also works wonderfully to increase the child’s appetite. This syrup can be given to children over 1 year old. Multi-Sunstool Plus Zinc Syrup can be used to improve bone and tooth health as well as skin and hair health. The taste of this syrup is very pleasant and usually children want to eat it. The presence of zinc in this product activates the parts of the nervous system that are related to appetite, and as a result, the child naturally shows a greater desire to eat food.

Multisense Plus is the best multivitamin for baby weight gain

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Bio-Basic Children’s Online Multivitamin Pills

For children 3 years and older, you can use the multivitamin Bio-Bixix Childhood Nature Online. This pill is chewable and comes with a pleasant vanilla flavor. B vitamins, vitamins A, E, C and D3 along with calcium, magnesium, iodine and phosphorus are the effective compounds in this pill. In order for the child to have the best physical and mental development, be sure to use this multivitamin if needed. With the help of this pill, the baby’s bones will grow well and will have the appropriate height for his age. Children 3 years and older should use 1 of this product daily.

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The best multivitamin for teen growth

In addition to the best multivitamin for weight gain, we also introduce one of the best multivitamins to improve adolescent growth:

Taking a multivitamin to increase appetite

Dana Zinc Multi Sanitogel Soft Soft Gel

From the age of 7 and also for teenagers, you can use Zinc Dana Multi-Sanitogel Plus soft gel. This product uses a complete set of vitamins along with zinc. You can use this product to strengthen bones, strengthen the immune system, provide energy and increase appetite. By increasing the appetite, the weight gain of the child or adolescent will definitely improve. The best time to use this softgel is with food. Adolescents over 12 years old twice a day and children 7 to 12 years old should use this soft gel once a day to get the desired result. There are 10 mg of zinc in each meal of this product, which also helps strengthen the immune system.


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The best multivitamin for baby weight gain

In medicine, a child under 1 month is called a baby. Doctors often recommend that a multivitamin or A + D be given daily from the 15th day of birth. Leave the diagnosis to your pediatrician to determine what type of multivitamin is right for your baby. Iron drops should also be given to improve the baby’s growth from the end of 6 months. Sometimes, especially for premature and low birth weight children, doctors recommend that you start taking iron drops before 6 months of age.

Children’s weight gain powder

For children over 2 years old, you can also use Karen children’s water gain powder. In addition to 12 types of vitamins and minerals, whey protein, complex carbohydrates and a set of enzymes have been used in this powder. Consumption of this powder helps both the child gain weight and increase height. Children with malnutrition can use this product to compensate for the lack of nutrients in their body. Garnet water powder is offered in different flavors and is suitable for children.

Table of intake of the most important vitamins for a child’s weight

In the table below you can see how many vitamins your child needs each day to gain weight:

Name of vitamin or mineralDosage for 1 to 3 yearsDosage for 4 to 8 years
Vitamin A300 micrograms400 micrograms
Vitamin C15 mg25 mg
Vitamin D15 micrograms15 micrograms
Vitamin B10.5 mg0.6 mg
Vitamin B60.5 mg0.6 mg
Vitamin B120.9 micrograms1.2 micrograms
Zink3 mg5 mg
Calcium700 mg1000 mg
Iron7 mg10 mg

The best time to take a multivitamin for a child to gain weight

Give your child a multivitamin shortly before or with food to increase appetite and gain weight. Note that the purpose of taking a multivitamin should not be obesity. Multivitamins are formulated to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Also, taking a multivitamin may not change your child’s appetite much. Multivitamins mostly increase the appetite in children and adults who are deficient in nutrients in their body and do not have proper nutrition.

Concluding remarks

If you are looking for the best multivitamin for baby weight gain, you can use one of the products introduced to you in this article. All introduced products can be easily purchased online from Positive Green online pharmacy. Also, if you need advice, you can enter your questions at the end of this article and wait for the active doctors in the positive green collection to answer you in a completely specialized way.

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