What is the cheapest SsangYong model in the market? / Price of Ssang Yang flagship car

According to the online economy report, The cheapest model of SsangYong In the market of the country, there is Tivoli Assembly Armor, whose 2019 model costs 1 billion 390 million tomans.

The newest model of SsangYong automobile manufacturing in the Iranian market is the Tivoli assembly special turbo production 1401. This car is traded in the market for about 1 billion 790 million tomans.

SsangYong New Korando Premium Plus has a price of about 2 billion Tomans in the Iranian market.

It should be noted that the online economy does not interfere with the prices. Iranian and foreign cars may be bought and sold in the market under the influence of various factors with a slight increase or decrease in price.

Market price of SsangYong cars (November 1401)
brandmodel (year of manufacture)Performance (km)price (tomans)
New Korando Premium Plus2018Zero2,000,000,000
Rexton G42018Zero3,380,000,000
Rexton assembly G41400Zero3,650,000,000
Rexton assembly G41399Zero3,500,000,000
Rexton Montage Emperor1400Zero4,300,000,000
Tivoli Armor2018Zero1,445,000,000
Tivoli Montage Special Turbo1400Zero1,695,000,000
Tivoli Montage Special Turbo1401Zero1,790,000,000
Tivoli Armor Assembly1399Zero1,390,000,000
Tivoli Montage Solar1399Zero1,500,000,000
Tivoli Montage Solar1400Zero1,550,000,000
Tivoli Montage Fighter Turbo1400Zero1,600,000,000
Source: Bama

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