What is the new price of Tiba Hatchback Plus Zero?

Online Economy – Solmaz Mohammadi; According to Eqtesadonline, the price of Tiba in the Tehran market, the price of 99 Tiba hatchback Plus models and the Tiba hatchback EX with 1400 model steel rim, has reached around 203 and 198 million, respectively.

Traders announced the price of Tiba hatchback EX and Tiba box with SX petrol with 99 model steel rim at 190 and 181 million Tomans, respectively. The price of Tiba SX petrol box with 1400 model steel rim reached around 188 million Tomans.

Also, the price of Tiba Zero 99 SX petrol model with steel rim has reached 181 million.

Market price of Tiba cars (June 1401)
brandModel (year of manufacture)Function (km)Price (Tomans)
Hatchback EX1401 | With steel rim – Saipaصفر205,000,000
Hatchback EX1400 | With steel rim – Saipaصفر198,000,000
Hatchback EX۱۳۹۹ | With steel rim – Saipaصفر190,000,000
Hatchback EX1401 | With steel rim – SaipaZero (dealership price)126,950,000
Hatchback Plus1400 | Saipaصفر213,000,000
Hatchback Plus۱۳۹۹ | Saipaصفر203,000,000
SX petrol box۱۳۹۹ | With steel rim – Saipaصفر181,000,000
SX petrol box1401 | Saipaصفر195,000,000
SX petrol box1400 | With steel rim – Saipaصفر188,000,000
SX petrol box1401 | SaipaZero (dealership price)119,940,000
Cashier Plus۱۳۹۹ | Saipaصفر196,000,000
Source: Bama

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