What is the reason for the delay in the National Housing Movement project? What was the achievement of the government in terms of delivery of the units?

According to Tejarat News, Ebrahim Raisi started his campaign activities in the spring of the elections with the promise of building one million housing units every year for the youth, first homes, and low-income groups, but when the spring ended, in the autumn of the world, these promises faded and turned yellow. So that in the first retreat of the late Rostam Ghasemi, the former Minister of Roads and Urban Development in the fall of 1400, he announced that building one million houses per year does not make sense and it is not possible to build one million in the first year and another million in the second year. You know that it usually takes a year and a half to build housing in the country.

Of course, this retreat and justification for the slow process of fulfilling the president’s promise was repeated by other officials as well, so that Mohammad Mokhbar, the first vice president, in the fall of 1401, regarding the latest state of physical progress, announced the most important promise of the president that whether to build housing or not, the government It has to build a part, we can give people land to build themselves.

After Ghasemi’s death, Mehrdad Bazarpash’s responsibility was to fulfill Raisi’s promise to the people. Bazarpash’s entry into this ministry was accompanied by some fringes. It was said that he did not want to be in the ministry because of the president’s heavy promise to build 4 million housing units. Further, the issue of his resignation was raised with Istikhara. He denied these discussions.

But Bazerpash, one of the young managers of the 13th government and a younger manager in the Ahmadinejad government, in the same meeting cast a vote of confidence on the critics of the implementation of the National Housing Movement project and said: “4 million housing units multiplied by 100 square meters becomes 400 million square meters and if the average If a meter is calculated at 7 million tomans, it will be equal to 2 thousand 800 hemats, while the current year’s budget is about 1 thousand 500 hemats. Therefore, we must answer where the problem is and what the Ministry of Roads should do to finance 2,800 projects. The representatives must have checked the assumptions during the approval of the law on the jump in housing production.

After winning the vote of confidence, Bazarpash was less visible to journalists to answer the criticisms about the implementation process of the National Housing Movement, so that even one of the news programs of Sedosaima criticized this issue, and after that, the young minister for the first time and of course The last time – up to the moment of writing this report – he appeared in the government yard in the group of reporters.

But when Qasemi’s promise was fulfilled and the government had to deliver two million housing units to the applicants according to the agreement of the Supreme Housing Council, the government delivered only 150 housing units out of two million units per week, which is close to nothing.

Of course, before that, the president had prepared the ground for announcing this bad promise and in May, during his trip to Khuzestan, he announced that the previous governments should have created one million housing units, if they had done so, we would not have a housing crisis today. Also, in the delivery of the seventh program, he said that “some people say in their words that you have promised to build one million housing units per year. In response, I say that the country needs one million houses a year; Those who did not build housing in previous years should also be held accountable. A maximum of 250,000 urban and rural units are built per year.

Experts believe that if the president was aware of this housing situation in the country, why did he make such a promise to attract votes to the people, and if he did not know about this situation, then why did he make such a promise, which according to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development has no consistency. It does not have budgets and resources. When Ahmadinejad failed to build 2.5 million Mehr houses in 8 years with that amount of oil income, and the consequences of that decision were taken by the three governments after that, how could he be promised to build 4 million units in 4 years with this state of the country’s income.

What is the reason for the delay in the National Housing Movement project?

In the meantime, parliamentarians, as the most important observers of the government’s performance, especially those who voted for them, say that what caused the delay of the National Housing Movement project is the banking network and the Ministry of Economy. Mohammad Reza Rezaei Kochi, the head of the construction commission of the Majlis, said about the reasons for the failure of the government’s housing promises: the National Housing Movement project is stuck with the bank network’s facilities. Although there is popular demand for the national housing movement, banks do not cooperate to provide financial resources or cooperate very poorly.

He continued: Those banks that are involved in the payment of the facility considered the interest at 23%, which means that the applicant for this monthly loan must pay 12 million tomans in installments, which is not within the reach of the applicants of the National Housing Movement.

The chairman of the construction commission of the parliament stated that in the meeting of the Supreme Housing Council, I asked the president to clarify the role of the banks in the implementation of the National Housing Movement project, and said: “Definitely, a rate of 23% in this project will not work and these numbers must be changed, otherwise, despite The efforts that have been made, we will not have any results.

Referring to the participation of banks in providing resources for the housing sector, Rezaei Kochi emphasized: Until today, the total payment of the obligations of the banking system is 20%, and they have fulfilled up to 20% of their obligations. The percentage of their obligations has been fulfilled, but there are also banks that cooperated by 5%.

Stating that it is definitely not possible to build housing under these conditions, he continued: Until today, a limited number of housing units in this project have been delivered, and 200,000 units have not been fully delivered to the people.

The chairman of the civil construction commission of the Majlis stated that although we considered a fine for the banks that failed to comply, the Ministry of Economy did not implement it. did not work

He added: the president also considered approvals in the Supreme Housing Council, but it seems that the power of the banks is still gaining strength from the members of the Supreme Housing Council, and they are very powerful, and even the president’s power did not reach the banks, and it seems that there is a will beyond the president to Dealing with delinquent banks must exist. The

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