When is the equity dividend of the deceased paid? – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, Mahmoud Hasanlu said: According to the schedule of this company, by the end of the year, the equity dividends of the deceased will be allocated to their heirs, and early next year, the accumulated annual profit will be distributed among the heirs.

The deputy of the Central Depository Company stated: The inheritance system was prepared for the purpose of intelligent distribution and transfer of the property of the deceased to the heirs, and now 8 brokerage companies have online access to this system, and other stock brokerages are also being added to the system. .

He added: After the brokerages are connected, in the next week, 2 big banks of the country will be added to the legacy system, and then the judicial electronic service offices and counter offices, which are the executive arm, will be connected to this system.

Regarding the number of equity share deaths, Hasanlu said: Since the transfer of equity shares, more than 3,700,000 people who have been entitled to equity shares have died. Our prediction is that more than 15 million people are the heirs of these deceased.

Hasanlu said: The file will be visible on the desk (cartable) of all the heirs in the system of the integrated portal of the beneficiaries of the capital market, and the heirs can see the latest status of their case in this system.

Source: Mehr

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