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Where should the traces of the failed assassination of Al-Kazemi be found?

Behind the assassination of the Iraqi Prime Minister is really someone who does not seek to establish Iraq.

Sputnik – Ali Shamkhani, secretary general of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, described the assassination of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi as a new conspiracy and indirectly blamed the United States. He said traces of it should be sought in the think tanks of the foreign think tanks that have occupied, created and supported terrorist groups for years.

He wrote on Twitter: “The assassination attempt on the Iraqi Prime Minister is a new sedition, the traces of which should be sought in foreign think tanks, which for years have created and supported terrorist groups and the occupation of this country, except insecurity, creating discord and instability.” They did not have it for the oppressed people of Iraq.

Sputnik to explore and answer the question of what are the most likely options in explaining this assassination? He spoke with Mr. Hossein Raviran, an expert on Middle East and political science in Arab countries and a professor at the University of Tehran.

Sputnik – Why should Western think tanks and think tanks seek the assassination of the Iraqi Prime Minister? And which centers are we talking about from which countries?

Hossein Raviran – From Mr. Shamkhani’s point of view, this act could not be on the part of the protesters and the supporters of the popular mobilization, as they basically acted in accordance with the law from the first day until today.

These groups, which participated in the elections, also protested to the Electoral Commission. The sit-ins that took place around the Green Zone were completely legal and based on their acquired rights given to them in the constitution, and in the end, they have not done anything illegal so far.

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Well, those who are law-abiding move, they can not do that.

If we accept this assumption, who did it? There are many such issues in the history of the region. An example of this was the assassination of Hariri. The assassination of Hariri created sedition in Lebanon and changed the history of Lebanese developments.

The one who did this wants to create an internal sedition and a pessimism in the Iraqi society and between the groups that now disagree, and turn Iraq into a bloodbath where the political groups see each other as accused.

What Mr. Shamkhani has in mind is that this could be from outsiders seeking to disrupt security in Iraq.

It should be noted that the pro-resistance and pro-Hashad al-Shabaab forces already have a majority of seats in the Coordination Coalition and can form a government in the first session of parliament with a larger coalition. Therefore, they do not need such illegal and criminal behaviors.

In fact, someone did it who does not seek to establish Iraq. And it seeks more to create sedition and turmoil in Iraq.

The points made in this article are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sputnik.

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