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Which artists receive the free supplementary insurance facility? – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr News Agency, citing the public relations of the Art Credit Fund, the advisor to the Minister of Culture and the CEO of the Art Credit Fund, about the free registration of supplementary medical insurance, the life and accident of artists with an artistic degree of 60 years and above and their spouses from this fund. He emphasized: honoring the status of leading artists in the field of culture and art is one of the main priorities and programs of the Art Credit Fund, which is working towards its realization by implementing various support programs.

Seyed Majid Pourahmadi, referring to the beginning of the registration of supplementary medical insurance for artists 18 Shahrivar Jari called one of the strategies to create peace of mind for the cultural and artistic community of the country to have insurance facilities and stated: Art Credit Fund tries to provide insurance services so that the covered members do not have to worry about medical expenses..

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Art Credit Fund, referring to the constant emphasis and attention of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in order to protect the status and dignity of famous artists with first-class artistic status, stated: With the funding provided, it was decided to register for medical insurance in the new period. supplementary (1402-1403)the total cost of registration of artists with an artistic degree 60 The year above the fund member and their spouse in the form of the welfare plan, which is the best plan with the most service coverage among other plans of hope and peace, should be considered for them and paid by the art fund..

Registration of supplementary medical insurance for artists, writers, journalists and Quran and Atrat activists, for a period of 10 day of history 18 until the 28 Shahrivar through the special messenger of Art Fund to the address Or the art fund website is done.

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