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Which films will be screened on the second day of “Hava” festival?

According to the news reporter of Fars News Agency, this event will be hosted by fans today, Wednesday, July 21, and on the second day of the screening of the works in “Farhang” cinema in Tehran.

The screening of films in Farhang cinema hall number one will begin with the screening of the movie “Yedo” in the 14th session, followed by the films “Romanticism” of Emad and Touba in the 16th session, “Ataralod” in the 18th session, and “Captain” in the 20th session. They go on the screen.

In hall number two of the Farhang cinema, which is dedicated to the screening of documentary and short films, two documentary films “Ceshmha Dostha” and “Galin” will be screened at 14:00. At 16:00, the documentary “Bano” will be shown on the screen.

The short films “Marriage Room”, “Ok for Tomorrow”, “Emergency Situation”, “One to Infinite Power” and “Hearing” will also be shown at the screening at 20:00 in Farhang cinema hall number two.

Hall No. 2 will host the review meetings of the works from 18th to 20th.

From 10:30 AM, Farhang Cinema Hall No. 3 will host a research meeting on “Study of ways to strengthen the role and status of women and family in society” which will be held as part of the specialized meetings of the first “Hava” film festival.

Hall number three of this cinema is dedicated to the screening of international movies from 15:30, which will be shown in the first screening of the movie “Fighting for my sunshine”. At 19:30, the documentary “Lei” and the short film “Last New Year” will be shown on the screen. The second session of this hall will be dedicated to holding a specialized meeting with international filmmakers from 17:30 to 19:30.

Cinematographers who have persecuted the Iranian Muslim family by ignoring educational characteristics

Mohammad Khazaei, Deputy Minister and Head of Cinema Organization, in a message to the first Hawa International Film Festival, described the image of women in Iranian cinema as chaste and magnificent.

In the text of the message of Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the film organization, to the first Hawa International Film Festival, it is stated: “In all human societies, the dynamic family is the undeniable core of a growing and living society.

Whenever “woman” as the main and fundamental axis of the family is given a chance and a price, the main foundations of the family are strengthened. A woman is an important pillar of a society with religious teachings, the consolidation of the family and its institutionalized values, and women as the focal point and axis of the family’s formation and consistency, play an essential and dangerous role, and the health and happiness of the society is directly related to spirituality and The family has immunity.

The Department of Culture and Art, and especially Iranian cinema, are at the forefront of guarding and protecting the institution of the family and honoring the position of women, and throughout these years, they have devoted all their efforts to portraying a new face of the virtues of women in Iranian cinema, a dignified image. , chaste, loyal, glorious, hardworking, selfless and supportive of the family, whose place was very empty in the field of cinema in Iran, the region and the world before the Islamic revolution.

Fortunately, in the 13th government, where the discourse of spirituality and justice was strengthened, the need to redesign and recreate the role of women in national and international cinema was felt in order to reflect the true position of women and the family in Iranian society, to correct the distorted image and restore the defeated face that It has no purpose other than to please the atheist media giants.

Managers and cultural trustees, even more than the creators of works and artists, should be responsible and accountable for the protection of the valuable capital of the family. Some cinematographers have persecuted Iranian Muslim families by biasing towards the commercial aspects of art and ignoring the educational and cultural characteristics of images and cinema. The mission of cinema is to spread social vitality and at the same time grow and promote the general culture of the society due to its multiple recreational, cultural and educational functions. It seems that this mission has been neglected at some points. There is no doubt that the threat of the family center and its weakening and humiliation will lead to the separation of generations and the helplessness and abandonment of young people.

“Hawa Film Festival” is one of the platforms and embankments of this cultural confrontation and struggle, which was built with the time awareness and foresight of Goharshad International Foundation and the support of other organizations and cultural institutions of the country.

An event that will try to remind the privileged status of the family by referring to Iranian-Islamic civilization, and based on the zeal and prejudice of the artists, it will produce a cinema that will proudly promote the authenticity of the Iranian woman and family in national and international circles. This festival should create a justified and effective image of women based on religious teachings and new social patterns, free from ineffective and used stereotypes. Following the valuable lessons of the supreme leader in the field of culture and art, reflecting the family-oriented approaches of the people’s government and the provincial coverage of this event, are among the priorities of the first period of this festival, which is definitely the effort of the involved parties to the satisfaction of His Holiness Haq and will lead to the success of the audience. Emphasizing the professional continuity of this festival and examining its artistic results and social impact, I wish a bright future for the cinema of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mohammad Khazai
Deputy Minister and head of the country’s cinema organization

The first Hawa International Film Festival will be organized by Goharshad International Foundation and under the direction of Mehdieh Sadat, until July 23 of this year and will be held in Tehran from 20 to 23. This event focuses on the issue of women and family in its agenda and follows its activities in cooperation with various cultural centers and organizations.

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