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According to Tejarat News, the increase in mortgage to 960 million Tomans, although it is a deceptive news, but in practice, it caused challenges such as increasing the cost and installments of this loan, to the extent that couples have to make monthly installments of about 20 million Tomans in the first five years. to pay But who benefits from this loan?

Examining the current levels of housing prices in the middle areas of Tehran shows that the purchase of a transport unit in these areas requires a budget between 3 and 4 billion Tomans, and in between, a couple assuming that they have a significant income and can afford the mortgage installments. For couples to come, they should add at least twice the amount of the loan to it in order to find the possibility of entering the housing market and starting the search phase.

The mortgage loan limit in Tehran for married couples has reached 960 million tomans, but they still do not have the necessary funds to buy housing for the first-time parents. The process of paying this loan to the applicants has not yet started and its preliminary steps are underway in the banking network, but research from housing market activists shows that this loan, at least so far, has not led to an increase in the demand for housing purchases from first-home couples, and they have effectively increased the presence or contact of this loan. A group of housing applicants have not felt.

Instead, it seems that the new loans may be somewhat stimulating the demand for conversion to the best consumer properties in the housing market, and thus probably from next month on the number of those thinking of converting their home to a larger unit or in a better location. They are excited and with this motive they refer to the market to inquire and visit the files, to be added. What is clear is that despite the relative improvement of the ceiling, the new housing loans still do not work for the first-time households, and the hands of this group, which should be considered the main goal of the policy maker for lending, will be left empty of the 960 million tomans facility because they cannot afford to pay its installments.

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