Who gets car loan terms / car purchase facilities?

EconomyOnline – Hannah Pakmand; Car loans are one of the most popular types of bank loans every year, and due to the increase in car prices in recent years, many people have applied for these loans. But this loan, like other bank loans, has requirements that we will discuss below.

Obtaining car loan facilities from public and private banks is possible only for purchasing from Iranian car companies and facilities for buying foreign cars are not provided to individuals.

But in the meantime, the customer’s credit with the bank is very important to receive this loan. So that prioritization for receiving car facilities is based on this credit. The job and the amount of the deposit slip of the individuals and the balance of the applicant’s account are also very important for the bank.

In addition to having a full 18 years to register for this loan, the loan applicant must not have a history of returned checks or overdue facilities in the banking system of the entire country. In addition to the amount of the deposit slip of the loan applicant, the amount of salary received by the guarantor or guarantors must show that the applicant is able to repay the installments of the facility.

The conditions for obtaining car loan facilities in different banks are different from those of leasing and car companies. In public and private banks, strict guarantees are used only in the discussion, but by taking facilities from leasing companies and car manufacturers, the loan applicant’s car document remains in the seller’s mortgage until the end of the loan installments.

To get a car loan, you need one or more guarantors who are the official employee or a certified customer of the bank in question. But the important point is that after going through the process of qualifying for a loan, the desired amount will be issued in the name and name of the car group, not the loan applicant.

The amount of this loan is from 150 million Rials to a ceiling of 500 million Rials. Car loan installments are calculated in such a way that it is usually repaid in 36 months or three years. To apply for this loan, the applicant must have a good loan account, which to facilitate the loan process, it is better that three to six months and sometimes a year have passed since the opening of the loan account.

It is better to refer to the bank or leasing company and car manufacturer for information on the documents required to receive car loan facilities, but in general, the documents required for a car loan are the original and a copy of all pages of the identity card, the original and a copy of the applicant’s national card. Along with the original and copy of the national card of the guarantor or guarantors, employment certificate or legal receipt of the applicant, introduction of the guarantor accepted by the bank, original and copy of the legal receipt of the guarantor or guarantors, a photograph of the applicant, pre-invoice for car purchase from one of the authorized dealers Inside the country, three tax stamps and the original and copy of ownership documents, card and car insurance with the signature of the car sales representative.

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